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theRidges_300x200It looks like we won’t be seeing any more wacky urban adventures from Sally and Jaime Ridge for a while.

TV3 says they aren’t looking to renew The Ridges for a second season any time soon but haven’t ruled it out completely.

Despite the fact the show pulled mega ratings for its first episode, audience numbers fell away as the season progressed. The final episode, which featured Jaime’s charity boxing fight against The GC’s Rosanna Arkle, drew a decent number though.

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Yesterday we released a graph that made some comparisons between the ratings of The Ridges and Campbell Live:

Average Audiece, 5+

There were a few people who would have preferred we use the 25-54 ratings as opposed to the total average audience 5+.  For those who aren’t sure, the 25-54 figures are the key demographics for TV3 and the ones that are said to be of most interest to advertisers.

We requested these figures from TV3 and here is the corresponding graph we’ve created: Continue reading »

From the moment that The Ridges was announced, the expectation as to the quality of the show was fairly low.  While the show debuted to reasonable ratings with an average audience of 325,130 viewers, the numbers fell week after week after week until Jaime Ridge stepped into the ring to play fisty-cuffs with The GC‘s Rosanna Arkle, more than doubling the previous week’s low point to just shy of 300,000.

While the critics lambasted the poor socialites, in another corner of the television world the decry over the investment into current affairs continued. Continue reading »

The ratings for The Ridges nose dived from week one but the season finale saw an incredible bounce, drawing an average audience of 291,310, making it TV3’s second most watched show of the night.  The rating was the second highest of the season and was up 139% on the previous week which was the lowest rating episode of the season.

The Ridges has continued its falling ratings coming in with 122,140 in week five, losing another 30,000 viewers on last week.

7:30pm – Wednesday, October 17 on TV 3

It’s the day of Jaime’s much hyped boxing match in this week’s unmissable The Ridges one-hour season finale, screening on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30pm on 3. “We follow her throughout the day, her stress compounded by moving into her own bedroom at the house, and post-fight, dealing with a barrage of media interviews and some less than friendly tweets by a gossip columnist,” explains The Ridges Executive Producer, John McDonald.

Meanwhile, Sally deals with news from one of her tenants that a print journalist entered her house without her permission!

But even this isn’t enough to stop the dynamic duo, and Sally and Jaime throw a dinner party to unveil their transformed house to their friends…

Make sure not to miss this when The Ridges concludes with a one-hour instalment on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30pm on 3.

throng 640x90

Four weeks in and The Ridges have shed more than half of the 325,000 viewers who tuned in for the first episode.

Last night an estimated average audience of 307,170 people watched the premiere episode of X Factor USA on TV3, compared with 325,130 watching The Ridges the previous night.  X Factor USA was down slightly on last year’s premiere average audience figure of 320,480.

X Factor USA was still TV3’s most viewed show yesterday, followed by 3 News on 263,600.

Full ratings figures for yesterday to come.


* Of course the reach for X Factor USA will be greater than that for The Ridges, but it was much longer show.

What did the NZ Herald have to say about The Block NZ premiere?

“”[T]he Block a hit from the get-go… New Zealand’s next reality TV obsession has begun…already TV3’s top-rating programme in 2012…”

Stuff described The Block’s first two episodes’ ratings as “high”.

And about The Ridges? The NZ Herald says:

“More people tuned in for a re-run of Two and a Half Men last night than the debut episode of The Ridges.”

While Stuff‘s most read headline of the day says:

 “Ridges‘ ratings fail to impress”

So let’s set a few things straight: Continue reading »