The Sarah Silverman Show

I watched the first episode of The Sarah Silverman Show on C4 last night and thought it was terrible. A 37 year old woman going on TV and acting like a spoilt 5 year old is not funny. The only good/funny bits of the show were the ones featuring the gay guys. Brian Posehn (Kevin the mail guy in Just Shoot Me, Voice of Grunt in Halo 2) is always good in the characters he’s given and does well in this part. I’ll keep watching and hope it gets better.

NEW SERIES ON C4 start WEDNESDAY November 7, 2007 at 9:30pm

Comedian Sarah Silverman, known for her TV work on Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld, as well as appearances in films such as School of Rock and There’s Something About Mary, plays a character named Sarah Silverman whose absurd daily life is told through an array of scripted scenes and songs.

Officer Jay Debut:

Sarah Silverman stars in an irreverent comedy following the trials and tribulations of a self-absorbed slacker, her sister (Laura Silverman) and her gay neighbours (Brian Posehn and Steve Agee).

First up: Sarah goes on a cough-syrup bender when her sister goes on a date instead of joining her to watch their favourite TV show, “Cookie Time.”