The Sexy Ads Show

9:30pm Wednesday, September 7 on TV2

Action man ejaculating, parents shocking kids with graphic stories about their sexual adventures, buggery being used to sell butter – if anyone ever doubted that sex sells, The Sexy Ads Show is the proof.

For nearly 20 years the British primetime hit, Commercial Breakdown has celebrated the funniest ideas that advertisers have used to sell everything from hand wrenches to cleaning fluid.

In that time, literally hundreds of ads like the above have hit the cutting room floor – because they are simply too rude. The pity is they are usually TV gold.

The Sexy Ads Show is the series that showcases the rudest and most politically incorrect ads on the planet.

The show draws on the special access and the contacts its producers (CPL Productions) have within TV channels and advertisers the world over to source the rudest ads that have ever been made as well as the most recent – a whole raft of rude that has never been seen before.

Hosted by Olivia Lee, The Sexy Ads Show puts this material on the pedestal it deserves.

It is a joyful romp through the rude. It is the promised land at last for a wealth of commercial perversion.