The Shopping Channel

The management team behind the new shopping network coming to New Zealand screens has been confirmed.

Former TVNZ and TV3 senior staffer Alistair Duff will be the CEO of the new KD Media network, after helping set up The Shopping Channel in New Zealand.

Director Paul Ding said: “Alistair has a unique combination of commercial and media credentials and local knowledge of home shopping. We’re delighted to have him lead our team and create value for the business in New Zealand.” Continue reading »

The Shopping Channel has cut down its live broadcasting time just five weeks following its launch.

The new network will now broadcast live only on Tuesdays and Thursdays compared to the previous eight-hour live broadcasts six days a week.

Despite the cutbacks, chief executive Alistair Duff said the changes have not led to the departure of any of its 14 presenters.

He said that the company now knew when its strongest viewing times were and could work its broadcasts around them

“We needed to go to air to understand where the sales were coming from,” he said. Continue reading »

New Zealand’s newest TV channel, The Shopping Channel has star quality in mind when it comes to kiwi products on the channel.

This week The Shopping Channel will welcome to the studio two New Zealand stars to talk about Kiwi skincare ranges Linden Leaves and Living Nature. Continue reading »

Eva Longoria made her live appearance on The Shopping Channel last night alongside presenters Mike Puru and Lucy Gallaugher. Continue reading »

This week marked the launch of The Shopping Channel on both Sky and Freeview.

The new channel will broadcast 24 hours a day on Sky channel 18 and Freeview 18 and feature fulltime presenters Mike Puru, Candy lane, Lucy Gallaugher and Monty Betham.

Dannews put together this short montage from the channel’s opening night.

Former Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria will make an appearance in New Zealand next week.

The actress will appear on The Shopping Channel during its launch week, which begins October 1 at 7pm.

Longoria will attend the VIP launch party held by The Shopping Channel, Woman’s Day and L’Oreal in Auckland on Wednesday, October 3. Continue reading »

The same skilled professionals who lambasted TVNZ7’s viewership figures have trotted out the same thinking but this time spun it as positive.

The new Shopping Channel, they say, reckons it’ll get 600,000 viewers a week.  A figure that they then stupidly compare with the viewership for the grand final of Masterchef.  If only they’d continued on with their inept analysis, their numbers would have shown them a not-so-glamourous 85,714 viewers a day, or 3,571 viewers an hour, right?

I guess we know where the Shopping Channel are advertising.

Familiar faces were among the 500 or so people who attended auditions for the new Shopping Channel over the weekend.

Radio personality Mike Puru was among the hopefuls who were looking to join Candy Lane and Monty Betham as presenters on the new network.

Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker contestant Hayley Eaton also tried out, saying she was urged to have a shot by her boss, Gerry Brownlee. Continue reading »

The Shopping Channel is delighted to announce its inaugural CEO will be one of television’s top sales managers, Alistair Duff.

Alistair will leave his current role as TVNZ’s General Manager Media Sales to take up the job of CEO at The Shopping Channel on Monday June 11th. He has a long career in sales and production both at TV3 and, for the last ten years, TVNZ.

“This whole job embodies everything I’ve learned in my career,” he says. “It’s the perfect job for me.”

According to Greg Partington, co-owner of The Shopping Channel, “Al Duff’s appointment as CEO is pivotal to the success of this venture. He brings exactly the right skill set to the channel: strong sales leadership, a depth of knowledge of the television industry, a passion for local content and belief in TV home shopping content.” Continue reading »

New Zealand will soon have its very own dedicated shopping channel on Sky TV.

The Shopping Channel will feature on Sky channel 18 from October 1, screening eight hours of live, locally produced television each day.

The content will also be streamed online, as well as be made available on YouTube and accessible via smartphones, tablets and on-demand.

Greg Partington, managing director of advertising firm Ogilvy, says his new channel will mark a change for retail in this country.
“We aim to produce compelling television, giving consumers access to the world of TV home shopping, providing New Zealand retailers, importers, entrepreneurs and inventors a venue to showcase and sell their products to the New Zealand shopper,” he says.

“Viewers can window shop on TV, purchase online, mobile or call centre and, through a collaboration with Mainfreight, will receive their purchase delivered promptly to their door. Continue reading »