The Sitting Trio

Wednesday 26 November, 8.30pm

Before the invention of photography, sitting for a portrait was a mark of status and achievement – famous people had their portraits painted for the generations that followed. The Sitting Trio is a series of three short ‘portrait’ shows celebrating (and revealing little-known facts about) well-known New Zealanders.

In a studio gallery, Stephen ‘Marty’ Welch, a highly-acclaimed and down-to-earth New Zealand portrait artist captures the essence of each famous subject on canvas. While he’s sketching and painting, Marty engages his subject in conversation, exploring his or her past and discovering new information about the person. As Marty and the sitter go to work, colours, tone and stroke take shape and begin to form an extraordinary portrait as viewers get the chance to take a closer look at a famous face.
The episode features: Finlay Macdonald, Sunday Holiday, Tiki Taane.