The Sitting

There is more good news this morning for TVNZ7 fans as NZ On Air has committed funding, in principle, for Back Benches to run on Prime.

Back Benches looks set to live on after the demise of TVNZ7 with NZ On Air committing funding “in principle” to the programme running on Prime.

NZ On Air spokeswoman Gina Rogers said the agency was having talks with Prime about its financial contribution to the show. Continue reading »

TVNZ 7’s art series The Sitting has raised $76,570 for the Starship Foundation through an auction of portraits of well-known New Zealanders painted by acclaimed artist Stephen Martyn Welch.

Portraits of Sir Graham Henry, Keven Mealamu, Richard O’Brien, Mark Sainsbury, Petra Bagust, George Henare, Peter Elliott, Greg Johnson, Sir Michael Hill, Sir Peter Leitch, Nikki Kaye, Jacinda Ardern, Greg Johnson, Jo Seagar, Al Brown, Siobhan Marshall, Geradine Brophy, Dick Frizzell and Otis Frizzell went under the hammer at the auction held last night at Auckland’s Pah Homestead.

All of the portraits were painted as part of the TVNZ 7 show The Sitting, in which Welch, the winner of the prestigious 2012 Adam Portraiture Award, chats with his subjects while he sketches and paints, exploring their pasts and revealing new information about them. Continue reading »

The Sitting Exhibition sees portraits by award-winning artist Stephen Martyn Welch, from season two of TVNZ 7’s revealing series, on show at the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre from Tuesday, April 17.

On the TVNZ 7 series The Sitting, well-known New Zealanders share their stories, while seated for an intimate portrait painted by Welch. Celebrating New Zealanders from the world of the arts, theatre, film and television, food, politics, business, music and the media, guests are invited to sit for Welch at the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre.

Welch chats with his guests, while capturing the essence of each subject on canvas. During the conversation, exploring each guest’s past and interests, Welch often discovers information about the person that until now has never been revealed. Continue reading »

Remember when Rove dominated the Friday night slot? Gosh that seems a looong time ago. Now everyone talks about sitting down to enjoy a few laughs on TV3 thanks to The Graham Norton Show and local shows 7 Days and WANNA-BEn.

My favourite part of 7 Days is the panels choosing captions for the photos, or explanations for a word in the news that week. I haven’t found the viewer caption competition very funny to date, but I think that’s more a limitation of just seeing the words printed on screen versus hearing comedians joke around and bounce ideas off each other.

WANNA-BEn is really growing on me too – I love all the well-known Kiwi cameos and his interactions with American celebrities – especially how they handle his randomness with such dignity and control. Here’s the preview for tonight’s episode (the final for this season): Continue reading »

TVNZ’s digital channel – TVNZ 6 – has raised nearly $40,000 for the Starship Foundation through an auction of portraits of well-known New Zealanders painted by Stephen ‘Marty’ Welch for the channel’s art series The Sitting.

Portraits of Lucy Lawless, Kevin Milne, Luke Thompson, Mike Hosking, Buckwheat, Suzanne Paul, Pam Corkery, Ian Mune Jan Maree, Sunday Holiday, Jacob Rajan, Tau Maukia and Ian Stables went under the hammer at the auction, held last night at the SOCA gallery in Auckland.

The highest bid of the night was for the Lucy Lawless portrait, which went for $11,000.

All the portraits were painted as part of the TVNZ 6 show The Sitting, in which highly-regarded New Zealand portraitist Marty Welch engages his subjects in conversation while he sketches and paints – exploring their pasts and revealing new information about them.

The programme is produced for TVNZ 6 by Top Shelf Productions and goes to air on Wednesdays at 8.30pm.

TVNZ’s General Manager of Digital Services, Eric Kearley, says last night’s charity auction was a huge success and a highly appropriate way of linking art, television and service to the community.

“This kind of television has a special role to play in our society, and we are absolutely delighted that we’ve been able to assist the Starship Foundation through the calibre of the artist, the merit of the programme and the willingness of high profile New Zealanders to take part in it.”

Starship Foundation Chief Executive Andrew Young said he had not seen such ferocious and excited bidding all year. “The response to the auction was nothing short of amazing and I am so grateful for the huge generosity shown.”

All the portraits will now hang for two months in the National Portrait Gallery in Wellington before going to their new owners. Loaning them to an exhibition at the Gallery during December and January was a condition of purchase.