The Street

UKTV – Thursdays from 26 November, 7.30pm

Return of the acclaimed drama from Jimmy McGovern where six stories are told through neighbours living on the same street. This series explores unconventional lives in a street so tough that no-one wants to live there, and yet so tight-knit that no-one wants to leave.

Starring: Timothy Spall (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), Mark Benton (City Lights), David Thewlis (Harry Potter) and Gina McKee (The Forsyte Saga).

UKTV – Thursdays from 15 October, 7.30pm

Behind every door there’s a story.

A major new drama series from acclaimed writer Jimmy McGovern (Cracker; Priest) following the lives and passions of neighbours in a north of England street. A star-studded cast bring to life a series of powerful and compelling interconnected stories of friendship, family, love and betrayal.

Every door in The Street hides a story, and the relationships and emotions are those that everyone can understand. These range from a bored wife and mother whose world is rocked by events which turn her married lover into her arch enemy, to a man convinced his life will end with retirement but who realises he still matters to family and friends, an unexpected friendship that turns the life of an ordinary taxi driver upside down and two warring sisters drawn back together by a marriage breakdown.

Each episode concentrates on a different house in the street, and while each story is self-contained, all six are linked by a sense of community and shared experience.

The Quinns at Number 5

Angela and Arthur Quinn have been married for 15 years and have three children. An accident turns Angela’s married lover into her arch enemy.

The McDermotts at Number 8

Stan McDermott is worried about his imminent retirement. Deciding his wife Brenda would be better off without him, he attempts suicide.

The Petersons at Number 36

Life for well respected teacher Brian Peterson, his wife Ann and their three children is thrown into turmoil when he is mistakenly accused of being a pervert.

The Roberts at Number 12

Promising young footballer Billy Roberts is thrown out by his blind father John after admitting to a lucrative new career dealing drugs.

The McEvoys at Number 13

Warm-hearted mini cab driver Eddie McEvoy gets on the wrong side of his feisty wife Margie when he takes pity on a passenger left without a place to stay for the weekend.

The O’Neill’s at Number 4

Sean and Yvonne O’Neill live in unhappy domesticity. Mother of three Yvonne is frequently at the wrong end of Sean’s fists, and her sister Kerry’s wedding only highlights how unhappy her own marriage is.

Above all, The Street is about love. Love stories as unexpected, messy and exuberant as real life itself.

Starring: Jimmy McGovern (Cracker; Hillsborough; Priest), Jane Horrocks (Little Voice; Absolutely Fabulous), Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent (Iris; Chronicles Of Narnia; Bridget Jones’s Diary; Vera Drake), Timothy Spall (Secrets & Lies; Harry Potter; Vanilla Sky) and Sue Johnston (The Royle Family; My Uncle Silas).

The Street Friday 7 December, 8.30pm

Timothy Spall stars in The Street tonight as the number 13 resident, mini-cab driver Eddie McEvoy (at 8.30pm on TV ONE). Working an extra shift to pay the bills, Eddie picks up Ojo (Jamiu Adebiyi), an asylum seeker who is being rehoused. Unable to drop Ojo off because the accommodation is closed for the night, the kind-hearted Eddie invites him home, much to the consternation of his wife, Margie (Ger Ryan).

Despite the language barrier, Eddie soon takes the asylum seeker under his wing, and an unlikely friendship develops between the two men. When it comes down to a choice between his wife and Ojo, it’s Margie that moves out.
“Eddie wouldn’t really hesitate to help someone who needs it, which is why he ends up taking the asylum seeker home,” says Spall of his the sympathetic cab driver character.

“There’s something innocent about Eddie – he is open-minded and open-hearted. The lovely thing about the story is that Eddie and Ojo build up a really nice relationship – they have a connection. It’s a strange kind of love story in a weird way. There’s nothing sexual in it obviously, but they really find, in this odd series of events, a kind of great affection for each other, an incongruous one which shows love is completely universal.

Spall had never worked with writer Jimmy McGovern before, but says he always like his stuff: “Jimmy writes about ordinary people who get themselves in extraordinary situations, and he just writes absolutely truthfully and honestly about the consequences of their actions in a non-soapy way.

“He really does have a massive talent and his finger right on the human condition. He always surprises you. The stories are so beautifully told, the dialogue always authentic and you always go on an emotional journey with the character – plus he has a wonderful sense of humour,” Spall says.

The Street
Friday 23 September, 8.30pm

The Street returns tonight with episode three, after taking a break for the New World Netball World Championships 2007.

Number 36 resident Brian Peterson (Neil Dudgeon) is caught short as he runs in the park, and the consequences are disastrous. Taking a pee in the bushes is nothing out of the ordinary, but when a young girl catches him with his pants down, he is mistakenly accused of being a pervert. Life for the well-respected teacher, his wife Ann (Lindsey Coulson) and their three children is thrown into turmoil.
If you missed the first two weeks of The Street, you can catch up with of special screening of the first two episodes on TV ONE on Saturday 17 November at 10pm.

The Street Friday 2 November, 8.30pm

New British drama series The Street follows the lives and passions of neighbours in a small community (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE). Created by award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern (Cracker), it features stories of friendship, family, love and betrayal, with each episode concentrating on a different house in the street. While each story is self-contained, all six are linked by a sense of community and shared experience.

The extraordinary stories about ordinary people are brought to life by a cast led by Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous), Academy Award-winner Jim Broadbent (Bridget Jones’s Diary), Timothy Spall (Secrets & Lies), David Schofield (Gladiator) and Sue Johnston (The Royle Family).
Every door in The Street hides a story, and the relationships and emotions are those that everyone can understand. There are mothers and daughters; fathers and sons; a wife and her lover; a husband and wife falling in love all over again, 40 years on; an unexpected friendship that turns the life of an ordinary taxi driver upside down; and two battling sisters, drawn back together by the breakdown of a marriage.

In the opening episode, Angela Quinn (Jane Horrocks), a bored wife and mother, is looking for some extra-marital excitement; a temporary release from marriage to Arthur (Daniel Ryan). She embarks on a fun and passionate affair with a married neighbour, Peter Harper (Shaun Dooley), who is only too happy to oblige. Then her world is turned upside down by dramatic events that see her lover become her arch-enemy.

Horrocks says she has always admired writer Jimmy McGovern’s work: “To be asked to do this is a huge honour. The stories are very real. The Street tackles subjects some writers might think are boring, but Jimmy’s made it politically and socially very interesting – he’s made it come alive.”

Of her character, Horrocks says, “Angela is a frustrated housewife whose 15-year-old marriage has grown stale. She suddenly has a chance to have an affair and takes it.” Laughing she adds, “Things do get a bit raunchy, but it’s not Sharon Stone material. I always seem to get the parts involving sex and chocolate.

Watch The Street, tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE.