The Submariners

NZ Premiere: The Submariners – Episode 1

National Geographic – Wednesday 12 September, 11.30pm

Aboard Australia’s most expensive submarine, the Collins Class HMAS Rankin, crew and boat are being tested to the extreme to prove they are up to the challenge of a long overseas deployment. After a difficult birth, marred by technical difficulties and public scrutiny, the Collins Class submarines entered active service. The HMAS Rankin was the last to deploy in 2003. With exclusive access below decks, join the forty plus crew of men as they farewell loved ones and embark on the challenge of their lives. The next six months will see them train and undertake exercise missions off Korea and Japan in preparation for the ultimate showdown in a series of war games against the US Navy near Hawaii. But will the impending introduction of new crew members – all women – prove to be an even more difficult challenge?