The Toy Castle

Channel Premiere: The Toy Castle (Childrens)
Arts Channel – Mondays from 2 April, 4.00pm

Every evening Ivy and her brother Billy place their toy dolls back in the magical castle before bedtime, then they go to sleep. As they snuggle into dreamland, The Toy Castle magically springs to life; the toys start dancing, laughing and playing out their timeless stories. The Toy Castle is a visually explosive, live-action pre-school television series created to enhance a child’s imagination through the magic of dance, music and narrative story-telling. Our colourful cast of adorable characters each has a unique personality that a pre-schooler can relate to. The Ballerina, Soldier, Clown, Rag Doll, Goblin, China Doll, Sailor, Strongman, Frogs and Mouse Family open up a whole new world of music, movement, colour and creativity to their audience. Each 7-minute story is about a real life issue which affects a young child’s mental or physical development – sharing, caring, learning manners, being shy, and trying something new, conquering fears, using your imagination, exploring, or interacting and just plain having fun.