The Valleys

MTV – Saturday 15 December, 5.00pm

Just in case you missed the phenomenon that is The Valleys, we’re bringing you the whole first season, from first episode through to the last. This show follows a group of 8 youngsters, as they transition from their hometowns in the Valleys to the big city of Cardiff, and attempt to make their dreams come true as they go. The only thing standing in their way is their own partying!

MTV – Tuesdays from 2 October, 9.30pm

Deep in the Welsh countryside lie The Valleys – which are completely cut off from the rest of the nation, but where everyone knows everyone else’s business. The Valley kids are Party Legends – they party to forget and party to survive. This show plucks eight young people out of The Valleys and gives them the chance to change their lives in Cardiff. These kids have big dreams, and this is their big break. Eight moguls of Cardiff will open doors for these kids to break into glamour modelling, nightclub promotions and music and fashion. There will be hard work, and a stark contrast between their new lives in Cardiff and their idea of reality back home in The Valleys. This unforgettable cast will bring The Valley kids and the world of Clamping On, Happy Days and Buzzin’ to the world stage.