The Verdict


The Verdict

The Verdict is a brand new show from the BBC that sees 12 high-profile people sit in judgement on a complete trial. No word yet on a NZ air date.

The celebrity jury, just like a real jury, will be made up of a wide range of individuals with a variety of backgrounds. They will try a controversial and high-profile case improvised by actors and contested by real barristers and a real judge.

Viewers will see what happens once the celebrity jurors leave the courtroom, and follows them back to the hotel where they are sequestered for the duration of the trial. It also takes viewers behind the scenes to give them a fascinating insight into how the jurors reach their final verdict.

As they have dinner together each night, the jurors hotly debate the events of the day. The programme captures all their discussions, arguments, secret alliances and splits.

Each day of the trial throws up new, and often contradictory, evidence in what is a highly emotive case. Tempers will undoubtedly flare and prejudices will be exposed.