The Wanted

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sundays from 11 July, 11.30pm

The Wanted brings together an elite team with backgrounds in intelligence, unconventional warfare and investigative journalism. The show focuses on real operators, in search of real targets, all in an effort to see individuals brought to justice. The faces of The Wanted include Roger Carstens who is recognised as one of the world’s pre-eminent authorities on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; former Navy Seal Scott Tyler, an expert in urban reconnaissance and unconventional warfare; David Crane a decorated former US intelligence official and the first American to serve as Chief Prosecutor of an international war crimes tribunal since Justice Robert Jackson at Nuremberg; and Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Adam Ciralsky. Ciralsky also serves as co-executive producer of “The Wanted” with documentary filmmaker Charlie Ebersol.

9:30pm Wednesday, August 12 on Prime

News Documentary Series

Truth is the real weapon in this redefining news series that follows a Navy Seal, a Green Beret and a dedicated reporter as they hunt down war criminals and terrorists from around the world.

Germany: Tonight the team travels to Germany on the trail of one of Interpol’s Most Wanted – Mamoun Darkazanli. Called “Bin Laden’s financier,” Spanish officials indicted Darkazanli in 2003 for providing logistical and financial support to Al Qaeda, specifically in connection with 9/11, the Madrid train bombing, the African Embassy bombings and several other Al Qaeda operations in Europe. Still he remains free in Germany.