The World’s Strictest Parents

What can we expect from TV One in 2011?  Well, it appears as though the experiment of 2010 has been done away with and the edginess has gone and it’s returned to solid 25-54 programming.

Check out the trailers below.  Unfortunately, the kiwi shows don’t have trailers on YouTube, yet (nudge, nudge, wink, wink @TV2Boy!).

New Shows


Body of Proof


Harry’s Law


Winners and Losers


Suspect Behaviour

Spicks and Specks 

New Local Shows
North – The sequel to Marcus Lush’s highly acclaimed South
Masterchef Masterclasses
Nothing Trivial – from the creators of Go Girls
Do or Die – confronting Kiwi’s with bad health habits
Politicians at Work
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers
Family Feud

Returning Shows
Packed to the Rafters
Undercover Boss
Criminal Minds
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Returning Local Shows 
One News
Close Up
Intrepid Journeys
The Investigator
Beyond the Darklands
Fair Go
Animal Rescue
Piha Rescue
Real Life
Real Crime 

7:30pm Wednesday, April 28 on Prime

Reality Series

The Forsyth Family

Family and faith are central to everything the Forsyths do. They rarely leave their Arkansas home, which includes a giant family camp where they encourage others to enjoy their daily diet of worship, work and wholesome recreational activities. For the next week they’ll take in a very different kind of visitor: two rebellious teenagers, whose bad behaivour has got the better of their own parents. But can a stay with Forsyths (and exposure to their very traditional family values) transform the teens into model citizens? Find out tonight on PRIME.

7:30pm Wednesday, April 21 on Prime

Reality Series

The Rutherford Family

Adam and Pamela Rutherford share a genteel lifestyle on their 50-acre ‘Rutherford Ranch’ with their 5,000 square foot house and their two teenage daughters, two young sons, three horses and a dog. The Rutherford’s believe their philosophy about hard work is the key to a good life, and they are devoted to giving their kids the tools they’ll need to succeed in life. The parents aren’t familiar with back talk or rebellion – that is until they meet Desiree and Brian who come into their home for a week. These rebellious teens don’t understand the words self control and discipline and from the moment they arrive at the family’s ranch, the culture clash results in explosive conflict.

7:30pm Wednesday, April 14 on Prime

Reality Series

The Morrison Family

Andrea and Daniel Morrison are strict, no-nonsense, interventionist parents. But can living in their ultra-strict household make a difference to a pair of teens whose own parents can no longer control them? The Morrisons waste no time tackling Adele’s manipulative streak and Garrett’s way-out appearance. But after a week with the family, will the teens pledge to rein in their defiance and make changes to their lives?

7:30pm Wednesday, April 7 on Prime

Reality Series

A devout South Georgia family opens their home to a pair of unruly teens who have fallen beyond their own parents’ control. Impulsive Julie and self-assured Sebastian spend a week living under the strict discipline and structure of David and Dana Cork. But will what proves to be an emotional experience make a lasting difference to either of the teens’ troubled relationships with their own parents? Find out on tonight’s episode of World’s Strictest Parents.