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X Factor NZ duo Mae Valley have released their debut single called Brightside. It was written by American songwriter and musician Marti Frederiksen, Canadian singer-songwriter Victoria Banks, and Lindsey Lee. The single reached number 10 on the NZ music singles charts last week.

Check out ‘Brightside’ by Mae Valley here:

masterchef-logoMediaworks have invested heavily in reality TV programming in the hopes of boosting their ratings by picking up the shows that have been cancelled by TVNZ. The shows, by themselves, aren’t that bad. The ratings, however…

Sunday night’s ratings for the sixth season premiere of Masterchef New Zealand on TV3 can only be described with words like awful, tragic, and horrendous etc. A dismal 159,390 people tuned in for the first live episode broadcast. And in case you need to read that number twice, it was 159,390 people.

The fifth season on TV One had an average audience per episode of 464,971 while the previous lowest rating episode had been 351,890, also in the fifth season. Continue reading »

Of all of Mediaworks’s reality series that they’ve put to air so far in 2015, Dancing With the Stars has been the best overall performer. An average audience of 308,969 viewers tuned in for each episode compared to 298,156 for The X Factor NZ and 272,722 for The Bachelor NZ.

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BeauMonga_BeauMongaThe X Factor winner Beau Monga will be the star performer during Hamilton’s Matariki celebrations this Saturday.

Matariki is identified as the Maaori new year, when the constellation Pleiades rises in the sky. Matariki has enjoyed a resurgence in celebration and popularity in recent years, celebrated by a number of organisations and institutions, including Hamilton City Libraries.

Mr Monga is beat-boxer and rapper, and earlier this year claimed victory in TV3’s The X Factor, a hugely popular televised talent quest. He is from a talented family, the son of Betty-Anne and Ryan Monga, the nucleus of long-serving New Zealand “Polyfonk” band Ardijah. Continue reading »

Perhaps the outburst at Joe Irvine is to be blamed on schizophrenia. The artist formerly known as Verbalicious is now the artist formerly known as Natalia Kills as the former X Factor NZ judge has decided to change her name to Teddy Sinclair.

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BeauMonga_BeauMongaThe debut self-titled album from the winner of The X Factor NZ season two, has been released today by Sony Music.

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Sunday night saw the return of the ballroom to prime time as TV3’s reboot of Dancing With the Stars hit our screens. The sixth season debut bought good news for Mediaworks on the ratings front but the average audience for the night was still dwarfed in comparison to when the show screened on TV One.

The average audience for Sunday’s show was 357,360 viewers, a better performance on debut than the recent season premieres of both The X Factor NZ and The Bachelor NZ. Sunday’s performances also beat out TV One’s Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up.

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The X FactorIf you thought the ratings for The X Factor had been bad this season, they were glowing compared to last night’s Xtra Factor which drew an average audience of only 122,050 viewers.

Considering both 3 News and Campbell Live had a brilliant night with both programs rising above the 300,000 mark, the drop from the lead in was an embarrassing 61%. Continue reading »

XFNZ_grand_final_18May15_169After a relatively successful first season of The X Factor NZ, the 2015 outing has failed to deliver any thing close to the ratings of 2013.

In 2013, The X Factor NZ had an average audience per episode of 403,447 viewers per night. In 2015, the average audience per night didn’t even break 300,000. Continue reading »

"Buzzed out… what actually does that mean?" Beau Monga chatted to Paul Henry about how it felt to win, his first album and where he's going to be this time next year!

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