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I’m not going to pretend to be a music industry specialist so I will leave the analysis up to the experts (and commenters). Note: Current Number One ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa is in it’s 9th week on the charts.

TODAY: Ex Shorty Star ‘fit at 40’, ‘The truth is out there’ about a possible X Files Reboot, is Simon Cowell returning to the US? and Jessie J’s odd choice for ‘Voice’ Mentor

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He tells the BBC that he “wouldn’t rule it out

x-factor-uk__130814132342__130829201207Simon Cowell made a surprise appearance at a screening of the first two episodes of The X Factor UK today in London. Of a possible return to the show he departed in 2010, he told the BBC, “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Cowell has been expected to make special appearances on the upcoming season, but up until now word has been that he wouldn’t make a full-time return.

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X Factor New Zealand winner Jackie Thomas has released the music video to her #1 single It’s Worth It.  Someone say hanging light bulbs.

After only two weeks at number one, X Factor winner, Jackie Thomas, has dropped to #4 on the NZ Top 40 singles chart.  It’s Worth It has now been certified platinum, meaning it has sold at least 15,000 copies.

Benny Tipene’s Walking on Water has dropped 6 places to #7 while Whenua Patuwai has dopped 16 place to #19.

Jackie Thomas debut album was released on Friday and went straight to #1 on iTunes.


922098_696822010344311_638391608_oHere’s a press release we received this afternoon about Jackie’s forthcoming music video.

Director Anna Duckworth and producer Alix Whittaker were approached by Sony Music the evening of Friday 26th July to concept, shoot, and edit a music video for the new winner of X Factor – an exciting challenge for the two young ladies. Their ambition and courage spurred them forward, and with the help of a small crew of dedicated friends, the two managed to pull the entire video off in one week!

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x-factor-finale-votesMediaworks have released the voting figures for the Grand Final of The X Factor New Zealand and it makes for some interesting reading.

The number of votes cast in The X Factor NZ Grand Final was 553,976 with Kiwis voting both via text and for free on Facebook.

Jackie Thomas was crowned The X Factor NZ winner on Monday July 22, with Whenua Patuwai second, and Benny Tipene in third place.  The final totals were: Jackie Thomas – 257,151; Whenua Patuwai – 197,523; and Benny Tipene – 99,302.

This is pretty amazing.  Benny’s votes were just over half of what Whenua received as runner up while Jackie had 30% than that again.  I am surprised that Benny is so far behind.  It certainly wasn’t a close competition.

Comparing the total number of votes to the number of singles that Jackie has sold it equates to less than 6%.  That seems a very low conversion rate to me. Continue reading »

If there is anything good to be said about Sony’s handling of the X Factor post the show it’s that they appear to actually be doing something.  Unlike Idol where things floundered and then vanished, Sony appear to be taking their role seriously and the fact that 3 of the finalists have now released singles suggests that auditioning for a second season might be worthwhile after all.  I’ve always suggested that the success of the series came down to how committed Sony were going to be to the contestants post the show.  So far things seem to be panning out better than I had expected.

First, Jackie Thomas release her winners single, It’s Worth It and then runner up Whenua Patuwai release his debut single Something Special. This morning, third place getter Benny Tipene release his debut single Walking On Water which has gone straight to number one on iTunes.

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On winning The X Factor, Jackie Thomas went straight to number one on iTunes and then when the New Zealand Top 40 came out on Friday, It’s Worth It also debuted at the top spot and was certified Gold.

While this appears good news, it should be highly concerning.  In 2004, Ben Lummis was dumped by his label which site cite poor sales as a major factor in the decision.  The problem for Jackie is that Ben Lummis debut single They Can’t Take That Away was certified triple platinum in it’s first week.  That equates to at least three times as many units sold, if not six times.

Time will tell…