Data released by ThinkTV (replacement for the New Zealand Television Broadcaster’s Council) today shows that television advertising continues its steady growth pattern for the year, experiencing a healthy 6.6% increase in revenue in 2010.

Results show that television revenue for the 12 months January to December 2010, increased by a substantial $37.5million on the same period in 2009; totalling $606.7million for the year in 2010, compared to $569.2million the year prior.

“After feeling the effects of the economic downturn and tightened marketing budgets, television has bounced back with an impressive performance in 2010. The June quarter posted the best performance with 11.27% growth but with the final results just in for the December quarter, we are happy to report a 6.6% increase across the year,” says Rick Friesen, Chief Executive ThinkTV.

Total revenue for the December quarter was $171 million, which was a 4.2% increase on the same period last year.

“It is encouraging to see the feelings of optimism flagged in 2010 have been echoed in this improved performance. We are looking forward to a good year ahead for television in New Zealand especially with the Rugby World Cup in September and October,” says Mr Friesen.

Revenue figures are sourced from returns prepared by TVNZ, Mediaworks TV and SKY Network Television (including Prime).