Third Degree

TheVoteThe Vote, the monthly “competitive current affairs” program that runs every four weeks as part of Third Degree, has been given the chop.

With dismal ratings and sensational themes, the only people surprised at the axe being swung at TV3’s The Vote were those involved in making it.

With Third Degree returning in 2014, this will mean there will be an additional 10 episodes of current affairs dedicated to local stories.

Here is the list of new shows and returning shows to TV3 in 2013.  You will notice a stong line up of new local shows with a number of new ones from the various stars of 7 Days.  There is no specific word on a return of The GC or The Ridges but both were represented at the TV3 New Season launch today so don’t be surprised if they make a reappearance next year. Continue reading »