Three Hungry Boys

7:00pm Saturday, November 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

In the final episode of Three Hungry Boys, Trevor, Thom and Tim head back to Oban for the biggest underwater foraging expedition of all. To mark the successful completion of their challenge, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall helps them celebrate with a tasty surprise they’ve all been waiting for, and they reminisce on their epic holiday adventure.

7:00pm Saturday, November 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Travelling across the West coast of Scotland, Trevor, Thom and Tim discover a mushroom farm and attempt to grow their own before abandoning their trusty campervan for a night on a nearby island – but they have to get their first! Making a raft, battling with insects, and tasting their home brewed beer doesn’t quite make for the enjoyable adventure the boys were hoping for.

7:00pm Saturday, November 3 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Blagging their way up the coast of Scotland, the Three Hungry Boys test their charm by talking their way on to a Highland Estate. Working as estate hands their chores quickly become competitive, while their reward of living it up with a day’s fly-fishing becomes a hard fought contest to decide who cooks the evening meal.

7:00pm Saturday, October 27 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Trevor, Thom and Tim have been living for three weeks on the west coast of Scotland, without spending a penny, so tonight they head for a farmer’s market with a cunning strategy to convert their foraged goods into unforgettable goodies… and then talk their way into a distillery. Before moving on they can’t resist the temptation of the highland games – expect caber tossing, haggis eating and sword dancing!

7:00pm Saturday, October 20 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Still on the Island of Tiree, Trevor Thom and Tim join a goose hunting party in their attempt to holiday without paying for a whole month. In this episode their Tiree friends give them free entry into the island’s unique take on a rave and the boys shake off their hangovers with a gourmet meal on the beach.

7:00pm Saturday, October 13 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Halfway through their month long holiday, the Three Hungry Boys arrive on the sunny island of Tiree where they head straight for the surf. The weather doesn’t last long and the boys seek shelter by working at a local cafe in exchange for a meal. A new friend takes them fishing and the competition really heats up when Tim hooks more than he bargained for.

7:00pm Saturday, October 6 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

On their quest to holiday on the West Coast of Scotland for an entire month (without spending a penny), Trevor, Thom and Tim resort to manual labour in exchange for a boat trip to Fingals Cave, for some wild swimming with a basking shark. Back on dry land they work at a farm for some local produce, and their adventure side kicks in when they go canyoning down a river on the Isle of Mull.

7:00pm Saturday, September 29 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Trevor, Thom and Tim venture to the Isle of Mull, where a Mussel foraging trip ends in disaster. After some quick thinking, work at the local farm rewards them with some produce to blag their way onto a yacht, at the local Regatta, and they boldly seek new ingredients by challenging one of the island’s top chefs to a cook off with the most unpalatable of shellfish… limpets.

7:00pm Saturday, September 22 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (from River Cottage), has challenged three marine biologists, Trevor, Thom and Tim, to live off the land and holiday for an entire month, without spending a penny. Hugh has given the boys a campervan filled with fuel, some very basic rations, a ferry pass to navigate the western isles, and set them loose in one of the richest natural larders of the British Isles… the West Coast of Scotland. If you thought foraging was about picking a few berries then think again, the boys were able to work for food but never for money and they left no stone unturned as they travelled through Oban, Mull, Tiree, Fort William and Ardnamurchin in their quest to survive.

Prime’s 2011 season launch includes more from their steady accumulation of programming assets that has helped the channel to successive years of 30%+ growth and unlike TV2, there are new local shows on the cards.  You probably won’t be seeing much of that NZ On Air logo at the ends of their credits either.

New Shows

Cops LAC

Killing Time

Running Wilde


Got to Dance

Life – David Attenborough

How Earth Made Us

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The Kennedys

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Last Chance to See: White Rhino

Electric Dreams

Monty Halls’ Great Island Escape

Nazi Hunters 

Country House Rescue

River Cottage Everyday

Junior Masterchef Australia

Rick Stein: Food for the Italian Opera

The Big Food Fight

Three Hungry Boys

Top Gear USA


New Local Shows
The Grand Tour – Jeremy Wells
Shocking Reminder – Christchurch Earthquake
Shearing Gangs 

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Sea Patrol
Stargate Universe
Doctor Who
Miss Marple
True Blood
Being Human
A Touch of Frost
Midsomer Murders 
Prime Rocks 
Top Gear
Top Gear Australia 
Secret Millionaire
Prime News
The Crowd Goes Wild
Deal or No Deal
Antiques Roadshow
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Bondi Vet
Bondi Rescue
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Rugby: Internationals/Super 15/ ITM Cup
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