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Check out Throng TV’s Hamish Coleman-Ross, every Monday morning on Kiwi FM

Check out Throng TV’s Hamish Coleman-Ross, every Monday morning on Kiwi FM

In case you haven’t seen all of episode 2 of Throng TV

Check out episode two of Throng TV.  We talk to Reality TV Queen, Julie Christie; the cast of Glee – the hit new TV series coming to TV3 and visit Home and Away’s beach location.

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As Episode Two of Throng TV draws nearer (the rumour mill says it might be as early as the begining of next week) i thought i would give a litle bit of inside information on the first episode of Throng TV.


If you kept up with my Brenda Kendal/Shortland Street story you would notice i was trying to pitch ideas to Shortland Street (which i didn’t get a chance to) here are the ideas i never got to pitch… so if you work for Shortland Street and are interested, contact me! 🙂

* We replace Mias brain with that of a intelligent robot terminator

* Gerald becomes a werewolf!

* Libby’s voice box gets replaced with that of John Campbell.

* Hunter McKai and Sophie McKai… become lovers!

* There is a new Dr on the street. Doctor Arthur Grizzly and not only he’s going to shake things up, not just because of his old school Dr ways but cause… he’s a BEAR! Imagine the catchphrases! “Nurse Jefferies are you ready for me to bear the results?”, “Were going to need a lot of honey to get these test results out of this sticky situations” and “I’m not going to hibernate on this one!” Imagine it: the dramatic tension would be un-bear-able.

* A cult of janitors take up stealing teeth?

* TK looses his hands!

* Aroha’s eyeballs melt.

* Shortland Street gets hit hard by the new CEO. Steven Shortmanston, a two foot midget with the biggest moustahce you have ever seen.

* The new chief of surgery is… wait for it… HARRY WARNER! Chris’s 8 year old son, ala Doogie Howzer M.D.

* Lionel comes back from the dead and makes muffins for everyone again… made of people!

* Keiran becomes Prime Minister.

* The real Chris Warner returns to the street claiming to be the true man and that hte man who has been parading around as him for the last 5 years has been an evil clone! Half the cast die, its’ bloody, its crazy, its wacky. It ends with a vicious shoot down at the top of Shortland Street with Libby holdign a gun at both Chris’s screaming “I DON’T KNOW WHO TO SHOOT!”. Then one of the Chris’s, with a tear in his eyes, turns to her and says… “The only way to be safe is to kill us both”. And then Libby shoots the other one. They hug and embrace, Libby starts to cry as Chris snarls at the camera and we realise… THE WRONG ONE DIED!


So yeah there we go i’ll be accepting Paypal soon for my storyline ideas so TVNZ give me a call if you enjoy it!


Throng Episode 2 coming soon!

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