E! – Sunday 24 June, 8.30pm

True Hollywood Story goes inside the Rivers family. We examine the amazing life of the matriarch Joan Rivers, comedian, reporter, fashion icon and mother to Melissa. Plus, understand how Melissa followed in her mother’s footsteps to work behind the scenes in television.

E! – Sunday 6 May, 8.30pm

THS has been known for getting the inside story on celebrity scandals and in this special we take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping wrong turns in recent memory. Stars Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, Katie Price and more!

E! – Wednesday 7 September, 9pm

Female mega-stars with one name are nothing new, but after Cher and Madonna, Snooki represents a whole new twist on the genre. The four-foot-nine inch fireball is combative, self-obsessed and doesn’t seem to possess any great talents but she’s managed to win the hearts of millions of fans. THS scratches its head to figure out this reality TV phenomenon with her own very distinctive brand of charm.

New Series


MTV – Wednesdays from 7 September, 9.30pm

Get ready to say “G.T.L” in Italian! MTV’s Jersey Shore cast goes to Florence, Italy for Season 4. This season will be hotter than ever when America’s favourite roommates head overseas to learn all about the culture they love and live by in the birthplace where it all began. As they navigate a new country, they will bring their trademark hilarity, fist-pumping and family dysfunction to “the beautiful country.”

E! – Wednesday 10 August, 9pm

How real is Nicki Minaj? In October 2010, she became the first artist to have seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart simultaneously. In February 2011 her album Pink Friday went to #1 and the album broke a US record for most consecutive weeks in the top 10 for a female rap album. And recent reports say she may be joining Britney Spears’ tour as a replacement for Enrique Iglesias. Is Minaj a doll pulling her own strings to satisfy the appetites of her Barbie brigade and alpha male following? Or is she the evolution of the female MC – Quirky, fashionable, and talented? This E! Special unpeels the layers of this complicated new artist.

E! – Wednesday 11 May, 9pm

Moving from vice-presidential candidate to reality TV star isn’t a path most would choose, but not much about Sarah Palin fits the mould. Somehow she’s managed to simultaneously be both the front-runner for the 2012 presidential nomination and a political joke. THS goes deep into the Alaskan outback to tell the story behind Sarah’s childhood, her reign as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska, the fairytale/nightmare of the 2008 election, and her extremely successful recent forays into writing books and starring in her own reality show.

E! – Wednesday 6 April, 11pm

This one-time Hooters girl rose to become Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze and then, one-third of the hit reality show, The Girls Next Door. Since announcing her breakup with Hef in a 2008 TMZ video, Holly has briefly dated Criss Angel, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden and (currently) All Time Low guitarist, Jack Barakat. But these days Holly is mainly focused on her role as the star of the Las Vegas topless review, Peepshow, and the new reality series that covers her backstage and offstage life in Vegas, Holly’s World. True Hollywood Stories (THS) follows the saga of this gorgeous blonde who somehow manages to be both wholesome and naked at the same time.

E! – Wednesday 16 March, 9.00pm

Together with her husband Jon, twin daughters, and a set of sextuplets, Gosselin showed the country what life was like with two sets of multiples. There were happy moments and not-so-happy moments on their reality show, especially when Gosselin and her husband would fight – often in front of the children – onscreen. In June 2009, after Jon’s alleged extramarital affair was made public and her own controlling, fame-hungry personality questioned, Gosselin filed for divorce in a Pennsylvania court. Over 10 million viewers tuned in for the special episode that aired that same day, proving that while Gosselin may not have been Mother of the Year, she was definitely one of the more fascinating mums out there and THS will bring viewers up to date on her intriguing story.

E! – Wednesday 15 December, 9pm

His new tour is called “The Glam Nation Tour,” his diehard fans call themselves “Glamberts” and his show is loaded with cabaret, choreography, and gender-bending costumes. This American Idol runner up is also the first openly gay artist to launch a career on a major US label. Watch as we strip off the eyeliner and reveal the E! True Hollywood Story of Adam Lambert.

E! – Monday 16 August, 8.30pm

Charlie Sheen is today’s Teflon actor – he beats his wife, shoots his fianc�e, sleeps with hookers, does massive quantities of drugs and alcohol – yet TV networks desperately hope he cleans up his act so they can get him back on the air. In the late eighties, Sheen seemed to be on the cusp of major movie stardom after leading roles in Wall Street and Major League. Then, his appetites got the best of him and Charlie was headed for the tabloid trashcan – until Two and a Half Men became a smash TV hit and resurrected his career. But it’s possible no amount of success can save him now, as he battles felony domestic violence charges while attending rehab. THS checks in with Charlie to tell his amazing roller-coaster ride of a life story.

E! – Monday 5 July, 8.30pm

Considered the greatest bounty hunter in the world, Duane “Dog” Chapman has made more than 6,000 captures in his 27-year career. THS tells the story of the charismatic ex-con and born-again Christian who is now on the right side of the law. Dog works tirelessly to bring in the bad guys and encourage them to turn their lives around. The list of fugitives Dog and his family members claim to have brought to justice reads like a who’s who of America’s most wanted, including high-profile rapist and Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster.