‘Til Death

Thursday 17th July at 7.30pm

When Jeff becomes acting principal at the school, he thinks his ship has finally come in and this is his chance to shine.

However, when he has to make an important decision, he chokes and winds up suspending Eddie, who finds himself bored at home until he gets an unexpected visit from his daughter and her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Joy is annoyed by Steph, who has developed an attitude from her husband’s elevated status at the school.

In Eddie’s absence, Jeff searches for a substitute teacher and ends up hiring someone a little too close to home.



Eddie’s summer vacation woes are challenged once Allison and her laid back boyfriend, Doug, arrive at home.

School’s out for summer and no one is as unhappy about it as Eddie. The season’s humid, rudderless days, with their lack of structure and purpose, have always been Eddie’s nemesis. And this year is no different, at least until Allison unexpectedly arrives at home with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Doug. After confirming that Allison isn’t pregnant, Joy rushes off to work, leaving Eddie to deal with Doug and his broken-down van. Ignoring his instincts, Eddie agrees to let Doug stay outside in the van until he can replace its missing gearbox. Meanwhile, being at home for the summer causes Jeff to realise that, contrary to what he’s been told, Steph hasn’t been working on her graduate school thesis while he’s at work.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 24th January at 7.30pm



Eddie is stunned after Joy sets up his old college roommate, Webby, with her friend Denise.

Excitement fills the air in anticipation of the annual visit by Eddie’s college roommate, Bill “Webby” Webster. A lifelong vagabond and playboy, Webby’s exploits from the ski slopes of Aspen to the islands of the Caribbean have kept Eddie mesmerised — and more than a little jealous — for years. The same cannot be said for Joy, however, who long ago tired of the guys’ endless recounting of their college antics and Webby’s sexual conquests. And this year’s dinner starts out like all the others until Webby excuses himself for the evening to attend a cigar club party, leaving Joy to observe that he seems unhappy with his life and might be looking for companionship. Even though Eddie forbids her from getting involved, Joy defiantly sets Webby up on a blind date with her friend from work, Denise, while over at the Woodcocks’, an argument has broken out after Jeff criticizes Steph’s new blouse.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 17th January at 7.30pm



Joy has second thoughts after agreeing to trade responsibility for the family finances for Eddie’s job as the family’s cappuccino maven.

Over brunch, Jeff discovers that Steph gave the Starks the espresso machine his mum gave them as a wedding present in order to free up counter space in their kitchen. While Jeff silently fumes over not being consulted, he, Steph and Joy all press Eddie into service as their personal barista with their complicated coffee orders. Although it seems that Eddie is enjoying the chance to show off his newfound expertise, when asked about it at work the following day, he admits to feeling like a slave now that Joy expects him to do all the coffee-making at home.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 10th January at 7.30pm



The Starks are relieved when the Woodcocks start spending time with the Cofelds – until they realise that they miss them.

When Jeff agrees to scratch Cofeld’s back while they are watching television together, Eddie claims that they’ve taken their relationship too far. Once he learns that the Cofelds and the Starks are planning to have dinner together on Sunday, Jeff insists that they all join him and Steph for her famous vegan stew. When Eddie, Cofeld and their wives show up for dinner, Steph’s suggestion that they play a revealing game that explores their innermost feelings sends the Starks running for home. However, while feeling abandoned at first, Cofeld and Nicole end up enjoying the rest of their evening and become best friends with Jeff and Steph.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 3rd January at 7.30pm



When Joy heads off to spend spring break in Florida with Allison, Eddie relishes the prospect of spending a week at home alone – at least until the cable TV goes out.

To help Allison forget about being dumped by her pottery class, Joy decides to join her in Florida for spring break. It’s a plan that Eddie relishes — so much so that when Joy asks if he will miss her while she’s gone, he registers an emphatic “no.” After warning Eddie that he will miss her before the day is out, Joy heads off to recapture some of the excitement of her own youth. And it doesn’t take long before an environmental activist named Jack mistakes her for a college student (or so he claims) and flatters her into volunteering for a beach clean up. Meanwhile, back at home, Eddie settles in for a solitary week of TV and takeout dinners.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 27th December at 7.30pm



The Starks’ spring cleaning uncovers an old roll of film with pictures of an Italian vacation twenty years ago that nearly caused them to break up.

During their annual spring cleaning, Joy’s determination to rid the house of junk is repeatedly undermined by Eddie’s reluctance to throw anything out. The Starks’ disagreement is pushed to a new level when, after dropping by to invite them out for ice cream, Jeff and Steph insist on developing an old roll of film that Eddie was hoarding.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 13th December at 7.30pm



During a parents’ weekend at school, Eddie and Joy discover that Allison has become a ceramics major and is planning to leave school for a semester in Vermont with her teaching assistant.

Already unhappy with having to make a seven-hour drive in order to spend Parents’ Weekend with Allison, Joy is less than elated to learn that Eddie has decided to save money by booking them a college dorm room. While Eddie has second thoughts about his choice of lodging after getting a look at their filthy communal bathroom, both he and Joy are unhappy to discover that they are sharing their suite with Paul Nash, a parent who is disturbingly lost in a state of arrested development. However, things get even worse when they learn that not only has Allison decided to major in ceramics, but that she has opted to take a semester off and join her teaching assistant, Doug, at a pottery collective in Vermont. Back at the Woodcocks’, Jeff looks to avoid the inevitable home improvement argument with Steph by hiring a contractor named Hector to retile their bathroom.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 20th December at 7.30pm



Eddie and his pals decide to throw Jeff a belated bachelor party.

It comes as no surprise when Eddie and his pals learn that Jeff never had a bachelor party. While Jeff claims that it was a joint decision, Eddie insists that Steph didn’t want him to have one last wild night out prior to getting married. So, determined to rectify the problem, Eddie, Stan, and Cofeld decide to host a belated bachelor party for him at a nearby strip club. Although it’s clear that she disapproves, Jeff tells Steph that he is going. And while Eddie tries to make it seem that he is only doing it out of obligation, it’s clear to an ailing Joy that he is excited about spending a night out with his pals.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 6th December at 7.30pm



Eddie takes Joy’s advice and meets with an attractive new teacher at school, only to discover she is jealous of the time they are spending together.

When Jeff wants to make a squash date with the school’s attractive new history teacher, Lucy, Eddie is against it. Citing the fact that he’s married, Eddie tells Jeff that there is no room in his life for any new female friends. As he is enjoying Faculty Pasta Night, Eddie’s sage advice is challenged when Lucy asks him for some time to discuss his class curriculum. His first reaction is to avoid any meeting at all costs. But when Joy makes it clear that she is well beyond ever getting jealous over a meeting with his new colleague, Eddie relents. Meanwhile, Jeff is jealous after the quarterback of the school’s football team, Brian, shows an interest in Steph – until he discovers that having an attractive wife has given him some new credibility with the school’s popular crowd.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 29th November at 7.30pm