quickflixBannerFinal-2Quickflix seem to be everywhere at the moment trying to convince people to try their service, despite the fact that the content offering is fairly limited. Last month they announced they were going to be available on TiVo. Today, they are.

Quickflix, New Zealand’s leading online movie company, is now available on TiVo media devices, bringing on demand entertainment to even more people across the country.

TiVo customers can now enjoy blockbuster movies and hit TV shows streamed straight to their TiVo and other connected devices. Continue reading »


I’m sure that someone, somewhere is truly excited by this announcement.  Many others, everywhere would be if A) TVNZ had bought TiVo to the market when it actually mattered and B) If Sky didn’t have control of the content that is accessible to Quickflix subscribers in Australia.

Quickflix today announces that it has entered an agreement with Hybrid Television Services Pty Ltd (Hybrid) for the streaming download of Quickflix subscription and pay-per-view movies and TV shows to owners of TiVo media devices in Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading »

piglooAfter 18 months on the job, multiple delayed launches and the eventual release of an incredibly terrible service, Igloo’s General Manager has deserted the icy venture.  Chaz Savage heads to Australia to take on the role of General Manager for T-Box, Telstra’s set-top box.

The unsurprising move is made interesting by the fact that his new boss is none other than former TVNZ CEO, Rick Ellis.

Ellis was responsible for the $15m failed investment of TVNZ in TiVo and a further $12.25m in the (failing?) joint Igloo project with Sky.

Telstra shareholders beware.

I was intrigued to receive an email from TiVo tonight to inform me that Meryl Streep’s The Iron Lady was to premiere on their CASPA service tomorrow, the same day it is released on DVD.

They refer to the release as being “Fast tracked from Cinema”.

It used to be difficult enough to get a legitimate digital copy of the content that you wanted to watch.  DVD and Blueray retailers and rental chains lobbied hard to try to limit digital releases so they could maintain their outdated business model.  Thankfully, as this release shows, that is continuing to change. Continue reading »

Sky TV is now providing the EPG for its free-to-air channel Prime on TiVo.

The listings for the channel have been absent on TiVo since its launch in 2009.

Maori Television’s EPG, which had also been missing from the service originally, was added late last year.

Sky and TVNZ announced yesterday that they were partnering up to deliver a new budget pay tv service, entrenching TVNZ’s desire to move towards subscription based revenue and driving the wedge deeper into their position with Freeview despite them saying otherwise.

Freeview wouldn’t comment on the announcement other than to say they currently have compatible products agreements with TCL, TiVo and Sony PlayTV but not this new venture so they aren’t licensed to use Freeview’s trademarks.

We also posed some questions to Eric Kearley, TVNZ’s head of digital services who will also sit on the new venture’s board.

Throng: Firstly, with the announcement today that TVNZ and Sky are launching a new Pay TV offering, does this secure the future of TVNZ7 and or TVNZU?

EK: The venture does not change the status of TVNZ7 or TVNZU in any way. The venture will launch a new platform, there is no effect on the content or plans for any individual TVNZ channels that we can currently predict.

Throng: What implications do you see with TVNZ being a stakeholder in Freeview?  

EK: TVNZ is committed to supporting Freeview and FTA television, which will remain at the core of TVNZ. Freeview has been very successful in getting New Zealanders to convert to digital television in preparation for for Digital Switch Over, and will continue to be so. This venture provides consumers with more choice to convert to digital as we approach DSO.

TVNZ is committed to supporting the governments timetable to achieving DSO through multiple initiatives including support for Freeview, participation in the Digital Switch Over group, “Going Digital” communication initiatives, and now the participation and support for this joint venture.

Throng: What will TiVo’s involvement be with this new service, if any?

EK: None.

While TVNZ can, on the surface, state that they support Freeview, surely there are conflicts of interest.  I can’t imagine that the other seats at the Freeview table will be happy knowing that any commercially sensitive information will be readily available to a competitor.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

We just recieved the following email from TiVo:

To our Auckland region customers: Broadcasters are close to launching eight new free-to-air television channels in your region: Southern Cross TV, Shine TV, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. In preparation, we will be adding them to your TiVo’s Channel List.

These channels will not have Program Guide data available until their official release, which will be on a date yet to be announced by the broadcaster.

Looks like 7 Korean channels and one religious one arriving shortly.  

TVNZ has vowed to stand by TiVo despite the platform’s failure to perform in the New Zealand market.

The broadcaster was forced to write off losses on TiVo, a digital recording platform billed as a rival for MySky, as six-month profits to December failed to match that of the same period the previous year.

$9.4 million was written off by TVNZ for the purchase of TiVo as well as an additional $5.4 million in investments.

TVNZ chief executive Rick Ellis said the write-off will not affect TiVo users in NZ or its operation. He stands by the platform despite its performance. 

“At the time we went into it we thought it was strategically important to drive the uptake of digital TV,” he said.

“We’ve been caught by the dynamic changes in the marketplace – there had been an avalanche of new competitors in the Australian market, which had forced TiVo to reduce its prices.”

Source: Herald

The future of TiVo in Australia and New Zealand looks bleak following news that the platform’s Australasia partner Hybrid TV has reduced its operations to a skeleton staff.

Hybrid TV’s CEO Robbee Minicola confirmed that in December last year a major restructure took place with website The Register reporting that about 40 staff were shed.

It is understood a staff of only five is overseeing the Australia/New Zealand operations which raises serious questions over the future of the provider in this part of the world.

Industry source are suggesting that an asset sale could be on the cards for Hybrid TV.


TiVo Tip of the week

However, if you perform a manual scan, none of those channels will appear if you’re in New Zealand as they’re all Australian channels.