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The average audience for TV3’s late news show Newsworthy was up 6% last week to 74,564 viewers per night, the highest weekly average the show has had since it began. The show has been dogged with poor ratings. Monday night’s show drew a little over 35,000 viewers but it was Friday’s show that was the highlight of the week.

Friday’s average audience of 146,300 viewers wasn’t only the best night that Newsworthy has ever had, it beat 3 News at 6pm which only had an average audience of 142,810 viewers.

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It’s been a long time between drinks but due to an even later starting time for Tonight, Newsworthy chalked up another win on Thursday night which helped TV3 to a 54% increase in the average audience for the week of 70,580 viewers per night.

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While Story and Paul Henry delivered some much needed good ratings data for Mediaworks, TV3’s late night news program Newsworthy headed in the other direction. The average audience for the show was down 27% to 45,870 viewers per night.

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TV3’s late night news program Newsworthy enjoyed a 20% increase on the previous week last week with its average audience up to 63,010 viewers per night. Looking at the numbers, that show appears to have found its audience now with the weekly numbers being fairly consistent for the last 6 weeks.

Tonight was down slightly on the previous week to 157,906 viewers per night but retaining the consistently higher ratings that TV One has been enjoying for the last 3 weeks.

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There was very little movement in the overall numbers for both Tonight and Newsworthy last week. The 4% increase for Newsworthy lifted the average audience to only 52,420 viewers per night, a number that has remained fairly consistent for the last month.

Tonight was down 1% to an average audience of 160,062 viewers per night.

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TV One’s late news has been performing very well for TVNZ with another increase on the previous week with a 17% larger average audience of 161,948 viewers when compared with the previous week. Tonight is now delivering approximately 50,000 more viewers than it was when it began going head to head with TV3’s new late night news program Newsworthy.

Meanwhile, Newsworth dropped 10% of its average audience from the previous week to 50,243 viewers per night.

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TV3’s late night news program has remained fairly unchanged on the previous week with Newsworthy’s average audience at 56,064 viewers per night. TV One’s Tonight had a fall of 12% from highs of the previous week to 138,662.

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There is no snoozing for TVNZ’s news division as their late night news program Tonight powers on while TV3’s Newsworthy languishes in its ratings dust.

Tonight enjoyed a 12% lift on the previous week to an average audience of 157,810 viewers per night with Monday’s program drawing the biggest average audience since the two programs went head to head.

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It appears that Newsworthy’s rebound was to be short lived with a 20% drop in the average audience last week to 50,936 viewers per night. This, in contrast to Tonight’s 10% increase to an average audience of 140,750 viewers per night, with Friday night’s program, delivering the highest figures since the two programs went head to head.

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In all the years Throng has been doing comparisons of various shows, we’ve never seen a show double its average audience from one week to the next. This would be because shows very rarely survive rating so poorly for so long but that is what Newsworthy did last week.

The average audience for TV3’s late night news program was up 104% to 63,630 viewers per night.

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