Top Chef Masters

6:30pm – Sunday, January 6 on FOUR

The masters are in for a treat this week when two high-profile celebrities visit the kitchen in Top Chef Masters, continuing its latest season on Sunday, January 6 th at 6:30pm on FOUR. This week’s unmissable instalment, titled “Everything Old Is New Again”, will see pop star and trained chef, Kelis, drop by to judge a very meaty quickfire challenge!

As well as Kelis, the episode will also see Mad Men actress, Christina Hendricks and her husband, actor Geoffry Arend enlist the help of the chefs in a special ’60s-themed Elimination Challenge.

Make sure not to miss this when Top Chef Masters screens on Sunday, January 6 th at 6:30pm on FOUR.

6:30pm – Sunday, December 30 on FOUR

With 12 world class chefs, a new host and judge, and a guest list that includes Maroon 5, Kelis, and Christina Hendricks, this week sees Top Chef Masters return to our screens for its unmissable third season, premiering on Sunday, December 30 th at 6:30pm on FOUR. For the past two seasons Kelli Choi has been the host of Top Chef Masters, but this year Australian celebrity chef, Curtis Stone is taking her place.

“My entire world revolves around food and I love cooking and whenever I can, I’m in a kitchen. This was a really special opportunity for me,” Stone explains about joining the series.

Stone was also attracted by the concept of working with judges James Oseland and fellow series newcomer Ruth Reichl. “I got asked to not only be involved in a show, with some of the world’s best chefs, but also sit at a critics table with some of the world’s leading food critics.”

Of course having world class meals served by some of the world’s culinary superstars didn’t hurt either. “It was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget. I got to eat some fantastic food and get a real insight into how these guys judge their foods.”

But it’s not just the addition of Stone and Reichl that make the series’ third season unique – this time around the masters will no longer be judged on a scale, but in elimination style challenges just as the tried and true format of the original Top Chef.

In each episode, money will be at stake, with the winners of every quickfire challenge winning $5,000 and elimination challenges winning $10,000 for their designated charities.

Make sure not to miss all this when we get our first introduction to all 12 chefs in the Top Chef Masters premiere, screening on Sunday, December 30 th at 6:30pm on FOUR.

7:30pm – Wednesday, October 5 on FOUR

If Top Chef Masters’ first season had you salivating, season two, premiering on Wednesday, October 5 th at 7:30pm on FOUR, is sure to kick your cravings into high gear.

This season Top Chef Masters returns to our screens with six season one competitors along with 16 fresh faces.

Among those vying for the coveted title of Top Chef Master will be Graham Elliot Bowles, Wylie Dufresne, Ludo Lefebvre, Rick Moonen, Mark Peel and Jonathan Waxman, all who came up short during last year’s inaugural season. New contestants include Jody Adams, Sunsur Lee, Debbie Gold and Marcus Samuelsson. The show also welcomes back judges Gael Greene, James Oseland and Jay Rayner as well as host Kelly Choi.

As well as the returning cast, Top Chef Masters’ second season also welcomes Top Chef judge Gail Simmons to its permanent judging panel.

“The first season, they asked me to be on it for just a few episodes,” Simmons explains about her new judging gig. “And when they decided to renew it for the second season, Bravo [Top Chef Masters’ production company] asked if I’d get a little more involved.”

Considering the skill level of the series’ Master chefs, Simmons says that there are many differences between judging Top Chef and Top Chef Masters.

“It’s on par with Top Chef in terms of our honesty, but there are definitely differences to the show itself, which leads to a different feeling at the judges’ table,” she says.

“First of all, it’s all for charity and much more in the name of fun because there’s not as much at stake for these chefs. They already have empires and have proven themselves, so it’s not as gruelling and cutthroat, and our critiques don’t need to be.”

Adding to the series’ fun environment, this season Top Chef Masters will be welcoming the Modern Family cast to its already extensive roster of guest stars. “They’re just the most lovable group,” Simmons says about working with the Emmy-winning series’ cast. “We had this extraordinary day with them…”

But before the show welcomes Modern Family, make sure not to miss your first introduction to all 16 contestants when Top Chef Masters premieres its brand new second season on Wednesday, October 5 th at 7:30pm on FOUR

7:30pm – Tuesday, January 19 on TV 3

It’s been a deliciously hot season, but now the time has come to crown the first ever Top Chef Masters winner when the culinary series finals its first season on Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30pm on 3.

Over the last 10 weeks Top Chef Masters has put 24 world-renowned chefs against each other to see how well they fare in the tried and true format of Top Chef.

But why did these distinguished chefs mess with their already meritorious reputations by appearing on Top Chef Masters?

“It takes some major guts [to be on this show] because they’re all well established and don’t need to raise their profile in any way, shape or form,” Top Chef Masters host Kelly Choi explains to Buddy TV.

“So they’re kind of already messing with something that’s pristine, and they can only mess it up in a way. But they’re doing it to raise money [for their charities]. And there’s this incredible love and passion for the work they do.”

This week’s Top Chef Masters finale, will see the winning culinary star named Top Chef Master. But first the final three must give rise to a four-course meal. This may sound simple enough, but each course must be inspired by a certain memory from their past.

So just how far back will the chefs go? Find out when Top Chef Masters finals on Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30pm on 3.

7:30pm – Tuesday, January 12 on TV 3

The culinary contest turns on the heat as Top Chef Masters enters its home stretch on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:30pm on 3.

This week all eyes are on the remaining four contestants – Michael Chiarello, Hubert Keller, Anita Lo, and Rick Bayless – the Chicago chef who since joining Top Chef Masters has discovered the power of social networking.

“It just happened,” Bayless tells Buddy TV about his interaction on Twitter. “I had to watch it with blogs because I was overwhelmed sometimes by blank pages. But with Twitter and its 140 characters, and pictures – I loved it!”

“I thought, ‘That’s what I want to be able to do.’ So much cool stuff I’ve always wanted to share in a quick and easy way,” he adds.

And share he does. One look at Bayless’ Twitter updates – available at – makes it clear the chef is an avid fan of the Twitter phenomenon. But what his followers probably won’t see are pictures of him and the people close to him.

“I try to respect people’s privacy and not interfere with family time – I try to be discreet,” he explains.

Although admitting that one time he posted a photo of himself doing yoga. “It didn’t get a single click,” he says.

Lets hope he’ll have better luck in this week’s challenge, titled “Masters Of Disaster”, this week’s episode sees the chefs attempting to whip up meals while blindfolded!

Afterward they must cater a large event, but the challenge comes with a catch – the chefs are forbidden to handle the food, and must instead tap into their teaching and leadership skills.

Make sure not to miss this unique cooking style when Top Chef Masters screens on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:30pm on 3.

7:30pm – Tuesday, December 8 on TV 3

Top Chef Masters invades the Magic Castle to cook for Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and friends when the Emmy host guest stars in the hit culinary series on Tuesday, December 8th at 7:30pm on 3.

This week on Top Chef Masters, the next batch of “master chefs” must take on the unforgettable Quickfire Challenge of cooking an egg with one hand tied behind their back!

After completing this seemingly impossible task, the chefs must then cook for notable actor Neil Patrick Harris, but as Harris explains, the challenge is not some standard three-course-meal.

“The Top Chef Masters producers wanted to do a unique location and I’m on the board of directors at the Magic Castle in Hollywood,” he explains about the episode’s unique location. “So we filmed it all in the Magic Castle and it was very exciting.”

But the location isn’t the only out-of-the-ordinary aspect of the challenge. To please Harris – a huge fan of magic – the chefs must use themes of magic like “Mystery”, “Surprise”, “Spectacle”, and “Illusion” to inspire their dishes.

However, by the sounds of it, the chefs may have an easier task at this than one would think; Harris says he finds it difficult to critique someone if they’re sitting right in front of him.

“When you watch the show you’re more judgie,” he explains.

“But when you’re eating the food with these amazing chefs it’s a little more disconcerting to talk smack,” he continues. “I keep thinking at the back of my mind; ‘I’m never going to be invited to their restaurants again’, but I still talk smack…”

Make sure not to miss this smack talk, not to mention all the magical food, when Neil Patrick Harris guest stars in Top Chef Masters, screening on Tuesday, December 8th at 7:30pm on 3.