Top Gear Australia

7:30pm Thursday, January 24 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Australia is a beach-loving nation, so it makes sense that every Aussie should have their own beach buggy. To keep the tradition alive, Shane, Ewen and Steve went out and each modified a car of their choice before hitting the sand in a beach buggy battle of epic proportions. Car manufacturers across the world have responded to global warming by making a variety of alternate fuel cars. The boys find out whether they work and really help.

7:30pm Thursday, January 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

When Shane, Ewen and Steve travelled to England to face Clarkson’s lot in the Ashes, they almost lost their lives. Their ‘friendly’ hosts sent our guys into a wildlife park in electric Peel P60s – the smallest, slowest, most English cars on the planet. During their terrifying ordeal, Shane was caught in the Peel between an angry two-tonne Rhino and its calf. Which, of course, poses the obvious question: could the Peel have outrun the Rhino? In an attempt to find out, Shane, Ewen and Steve embark on a mission to create a new Peel world speed record. But with a recognised top speed of just over 13km/h, Shane was forced to quite literally go to great heights…

7:30pm Thursday, January 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

What’s not to like about a host on fire? Or jumping a car across a 7-metre gap, or driving on two wheels? In this action-packed episode Shane, Ewen and Steve put their lives on the line and head to a no-frills stunt school in an attempt to create a spectacular (but cheap) movie car-chase. The result? It almost has to be seen to be believed…

7:30pm Thursday, January 3 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

In the toughest test Top Gear Australia has ever undertaken on a car, Steve, Ewen and Shane take Australia’s cheapest new vehicle, the Chinese-built Chery, and drive it flat out for 24 hours to replicate 10 years of ordinary wear and tear. Things start out simple enough but as night falls and boredom sets in, the boys are joined by some special celebrities to help keep them awake at the wheel. Top Fuel drag racing is the fastest motorsport on the planet – and the statistics are simply staggering. As a car launches off the start line it does so with more force than an F1 car – more than a Space Shuttle, in fact. Steve has never driven a dragster before, and so heads to Queensland to experience this dangerous but exhilarating sport first hand. Out on the TopGear Test Track, it’s the battle of the footy codes as Wendell Sailor takes on Shane Crawford in our NRL v AFL challenge.

7:30pm Thursday, December 27 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Shane and Ewen will brave the forest off road in the VW Amarok, while Steve and his all-wheel drive Audi R8 V10 will travel around it. Also tonight, in an attempt to understand the inner workings of the cyclist mind, Ewen dons the lycra, waxes the legs and takes to the road and footpaths in what he dubs a ‘self-help video for cyclists’. And will Hamish Blake top his colleague’s lap time from last week? We know this: it requires an entire caravan of courage when he steps into the Top Gear Ute.

Top Gear Australia axed

Top Gear Australia looks to have been axed by Channel 9 in Australia, with presenter Steve Pizzati tweeting: “It’s true – as of next week, TGA will be on at the special time of not at all. Sorry to the open-minded people that gave it a go and enjoyed!”. Channel 9 is yet to officially confirm the news.

Ferrell to receive top comedy award

Will Ferrell has been named as the recipient of the 2011 Mark Twain Prize for American Humour. The actor will receive the award at a gala ceremony in October.

Fox developing Spectre drama

The Fox network in the US is developing a drama series based on DC Comic’s The Spectre. The network has ordered a script based on the superhero who was first created in 1940.

8:30pm Tuesday, May 3 on Prime

Motoring series

What better way to sign off the series than with a trip to New Zealand! Steve Pizatti is visiting us Kiwis tonight to test drive kiwi super car The Hulme. And we’ve got Jimmy Barnes rockin’ in the star car while the lads debate family vehicles – and whether people movers deserve their boring reputation.

8:30pm Tuesday, April 26 on Prime

Motoring series

With just $5,000 to buy a caravan and car, Steve Pizatti, Ewen Page and Shane Jacobson take on a baby-boomers budget Grey Nomad challenge and Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne breaks the world’s fastest super car.

8:30pm Tuesday, April 19 on Prime

Motoring series

Described as a town with one of the most dangerous roads in the world, Wanaka, New Zealand is where the boys are headed to on tonight’s episode. This winding dirt track they’re set to tackle was once home to the infamous race to the sky hill climb. Fourteen and a half kilometres, 135 corners and 1,000 metre sheer drops! They’re here to check it out, along with Ken Brough’s kiwi motoring inventions. And later, Ewen takes a V8 supercar for a drive in downtown Sydney.

8:30pm Tuesday, April 12 on Prime

Motoring series

We’re back with the second episode of Top Gear Australia series 3, and tonight our new hosting team of Steve Pizzati, Ewen Page and Shane Jacobson head off on a motoring adventure to Lake Eyre. Shane Warne tests a retro supercar, and we’re spreading even more Prime love with Sea Patrol’s Lisa McCune starring as this week’s special guest.