Total Drama Island

CARTOON NETWORK – Monday 13 June, 6pm

They thought it was over… but then came… the most dramatic one hour special ever! The Total Drama Island wrap party is in full swing when Chris shows up and makes the most dramatic announcement yet. Don’t miss the special that launches the next series in the Total Drama saga, Total Drama Action!

CARTOON NETWORK – Monday-Thursday from 16 August, 6pm

Twenty-two teens have just been sent to the oldest, mouldiest, most beat up, run-down, bug infested summer camp in Northern Ontario where they’ll be forced to endure a summer of leaky cabins, crappy food and increasingly insane challenges. Only one can win – the rest will walk the dreaded Dock of Shame. Tensions will run high, the hook-ups are SO on, and the cameras will be there to catch it all!

Total Drama Island is a comedy that showcases all the elements of our favourite reality TV shows within the framework of an exciting, larger-than-life elimination competition. Heart-warming moments of thoughtfulness, romance and friendship are interspersed with backstabbing, scheming, sabotage, and broken alliances. But in THIS “reality show”, it’s all scripted for maximum laughs!

The show features twenty-two completely different teens including a deluded wanna-be, a jock who sucks at sports, a fun-loving party guy, a goth loner, a juvenile delinquent, a gentle giant, a geek, a dweeb, a princess, a weight-lifting female bully, a soulful surfer girl, a couple of clueless BFF’s (best female friends) and a Queen Bee – and sticking them all in a crappy summer camp cabin for eight weeks. These are kids who wouldn’t even acknowledge one another in the halls at school, and now they find themselves stuck together 24/7. The only thing they have in common: they’re all city kids who don’t have a hope of surviving alone in the wilderness, and they all came to win.

Before they arrived, they never had a reason to speak to one another. Now, stuck in the Northern Ontario woods with no access to the outside world, these teens must learn to work as a team… or watch their backs. Will they ever open up to one another and become friends, or will they step on each other to win? Will they actually learn something about survival, or will they spend all their time hooking up with their crushes and sabotaging their foes? And who will be the ultimate winner? Stay tuned to find out!