Travel Channel

imageSKY earlier this month made a decision to cease broadcasting the Travel Channel. This will be effective from midnight tomorrow.

In a statement on their website they have said:

SKY is committed to offering a broad and varied range of channels to its subscribers. We are constantly evaluating the value of our customer offering and while it’s not a decision that is taken lightly, it was decided not to renew the channel and focus on other opportunities available to us.

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Sky TV has announced that Travel Channel is moving from its current channel 077 to 076 from March 1, 2011.

Programming will continue as usual on the new channel.


Today marked the launch of Travel Channel New ZealandSky Channel 77.  This fantastic new channel has been customised for New Zealand but is available in over 100 countries in 19 different languages and based out of London.

At the recent media launch of the channel, we met the very lovely Camilla Anderson, one of the presenters (and producers) of the channel’s show World Odessy Adventure.  Camilla grew up in New Zealand but now travels the world.  In June, Travel Channel will air her episode which she filmed in New Zealand with Georgina Beyer and Temuera Morrison talking with her.  Funnily enough, she sad that was one of the hardest episodes to film because she wanted to do her country proud.  She’s about to head off and film a new series in the South Pacific.

By chance, I happened to see her show this afternoon and co-incidentally it was about Poland – where I lived for a brief time in 2000. I loved the mix of humor she and co-host Julian bring to travel shows – not those stuffy old boring ones that you can sometimes get on TV.  I’ve already season-linked the show.

I think the Travel Channel will be one of those channels you’ll flick over to when you’re bored and get hooked into watching; especially when it’s cold and rainy outsde and travel just seems that little bit more enticing than normal.  There’s plenty of shows on offer.

Oh, and ironically the CEO of Travel Channel missed attending the recent media launch and was stuck in London, thanks to the volcanic ash!

Travel Channel International and SKY Television confirmed today the launch of the Travel Channel on SKY on Saturday 1 May 2010

Travel Channel, on SKY Digital channel 77, will provide viewers with quality programming on all aspects of the travel experience, from luxury getaways to backpacking adventures. The new channel will not only provide practical advice in selecting and planning real holidays but will also allow viewers to just sit back and enjoy experiencing fascinating places in the company of engaging presenters from all across the world. It is a ‘must see’ for those with a desire to venture beyond their front door.

Since its launch in London in 1994, Travel Channel has grown to serve cable and satellite audiences across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific, transmitting on 20 satellites in 18 languages. The deal with SKY Television makes the channel’s entertaining and inspirational mix of programmes available in New Zealand for the first time.

Travel Channel International Chief Executive Richard Wolfe said, “SKY is one of the most successful Pay TV providers in the world and it is a great privilege for us to be working with them to bring the channel here”.

“We think Travel Channel and New Zealand are made for each other, and we are looking forward to people here becoming part of our rapidly expanding international family of viewers. ”

John Fellet, SKY Television Chief Executive, said, “SKY Television is dedicated to continuing its ongoing commitment to provide unique, entertaining and exclusive television for New Zealanders – Travel Channel is a welcome addition to our platform.”

The Travel Channel launches on SKY Digital Channel 77 Saturday 1 May 2010 at 6.00am and will be available to all SKY subscribers as part of SKY’s basic package.