Treasure Seekers

HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 4 May, 8.30pm

Tutankhamen….Macchu Picchu…Angkor Wat…the City of Troy. Once, all were lost to the world. But they’ve been found, thanks to brave treasure seekers throughout the ages – spirited men and women driven by the goal of unlocking the greatest secrets of the past. Filmed by the finest documentary cinematographers in the world today, this exciting new series tells the remarkable stories of history’s greatest discoveries, introducing audiences to people who defied the odds to reveal the treasures of the past. Chronicling the exploits of some of the greatest explorers of all time, Treasure Seekers captures the spirit of adventure that drove people like Marco Polo to do the impossible. Each episode combines the stories of two adventurers in one part of the world, drawn from the most compelling figures in the history of exploration. Although the characters may be separated by time, they are united by their obsession with discovery, driven by the force of their passion. Episodes this month include, Tibet’s Hidden Kingdom, Code of the Maya Kings, Africa’s Forgotten Kingdom and Empires of India.