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The majority of New Zealanders don’t really understand their legal rights and for some even getting a speeding ticket can be a traumatic experience.

To help people Triangle Television is producing a new public service legal series, “Know Your Rights”, based on the book of the same name by well-known Auckland barrister Catriona MacLennan.

MacLennan has practised law in the southern areas of Auckland for the past 12 years and was the first lawyer to work at Nga Ture Kaitiaki Ki Waikato Community Law Centre, where she provided legal advice to people who couldn’t afford lawyers.

MacLennan continues to work in fields in which few lawyers practise and her clients include some of the most disadvantaged people in New Zealand, including beneficiaries and people for whom English is a second language. Continue reading »

Has anybody sent their $20 off to Triangle?

Most of their programs are on while I/us should be asleep in bed, or at work, their weekend viewing is completely useless.


So I think might just post in a $5 note


Once again Triangle TV will be filling the void by providing us with live coverage of the US President’s Inauguration Ceremony as well as CCTV4 Chinese New Year coverage.

TVNZ said they wouldn’t provide any additional coverage beyond the news hour which seems to be typical of them. TVNZ7 would be better used to provide programmes focusing on more current issues and news rather than just playing documentaries for the sake of it just because they were ‘Made in NZ’. I’m also sure I heard it being reported that TVNZ7 would be used to broadcast breaking news and full or at least extended press conferences of interest. I haven’t seen any of those so far.

As for TVNZ6, I must admit I agree with all of you critics out there, I hardly touch that channel.

Triangle Television is seeking legal advice to protect its logo, which bears a close resemblance to Auckland City Council’s new triangular logo.

Both logos feature a blue triangle. The Auckland community television station has been using its logo for 10 years. The council logo was unveiled last week as a fait accompli to the new council.

Triangle’s lawyer, John Hackett, said the company’s logo was registered with the Intellectual Property Office and specifically covered television and entertainment purposes.

In an application to the Intellectual Property Office, the council is seeking to use its logo for a variety of purposes, including a broad range of entertainment purposes that could overlap with Triangle Television.

A source said the $1 million cost included hiring an expensive marketing executive for the project, about $300,000 for rebranding and signage for the council’s parking business, market research and officer hours.

Source: NZ Herald. Read more »