Trinny And Susannah: The Great British Body

Friday 12 December, 9.30pm

The day of The Great British Body sculpture has arrived on Trinny And Susannah: The Great British Body. Hundreds of members of the public are expected to strip off and take their place to form the outline of a British man and woman.

Trinny and Susannah arrive early and meet designer Kit, and plan their place in the sculpture – the belly button. They’ve decided on who the inspirational man and woman will be. But there’s a problem; coaches are arriving near empty. It seems that after promising to strip, the Great British public may have chickened out.

Friday 5 December, 9.30pm

Trinny And Susannah: The Great British Body gets personal tonight, investigating the laws of attraction (at 9.30pm on TV ONE). In their attempt to uncover emerging body trends and the Britain’s vital statistics, the girls obtain tips from The Great British Body booth and information from the body audit, to reveal what men and women find most attractive in the opposite sex.

Susannah says, “Above all we really want to understand how people feel about their bodies. The British public suffer from a negative view about the nation’s body shape – that we’re overweight, unattractive, that we feel pressurised to look a certain way. So we want people to really look at themselves objectively, they’ll then realise that it’s not that way at all.”

In episode one the girls took a DNA test for programme, along with more than one hundred other volunteers, as part of an investigation in to so-called fat gene FTO. Susannah was astonished, but delighted to discover that she does not have the gene, while Trinny does. “I’m not going to pretend I’m going to be magnanimous in victory. I know it’s down to genes and no one can help it, but I’m quite elated!”

Trinny was surprised, but her father has a propensity to a bit of a tummy so she thinks it probably comes from his side of the family: “I am a healthy eater, and feel it makes no difference to how I will maintain my figure from now on as I am happy with it already.” Tonight, episode two sees the pair hold a ‘speed rating’ experiment in Birmingham Town Hall, with 80 men and women rating their own attractiveness out of 10. They then have seven seconds to score every member of the opposite sex.

The girls also visit the site of their giant naked sculpture on the Sussex Downs, and meet the designer, before heading in search of the man and woman whose bodies will be immortalised in the sculpture. Looking for inspiration, they meet such characters as Jess Ryan, a 23-year-old leukaemia survivor; Michelle Chapman, a wig designer from Plymouth who’s spent her adult life living with alopecia; and Kevin Murphy, a man known as ‘King of the Channel’ who swam the English Channel 34 times.

Susannah explains, “The emphasis of The Great British Body series is to encourage the nation that regardless of a person’s shape and size, as a country we should learn to appreciate our bodies and what nature bestowed upon us!”

Friday 28 November, 9.30pm

Trinny and Susannah are on a quest to uncover the truth about the British body on their new three-part series Trinny And Susannah: The Great British Body, tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE.

Armed with their team of experts, Trinny and Susannah descend on Gateshead, Brighton and Birmingham. The Great British Body Audit begins, with visitors to the roadshows, as well as thousands of people online, contributing their vital statistics to build a portrait for The Great British Body.
Trinny and Susannah begin to recruit hundreds of people to create a living, breathing sculpture that celebrates the British body. The only hitch is that people are going to have to get naked – and not everyone’s keen.

Episode one also sees geneticist Dr Jim Wilson test people across the country for FtO – the so-called fat gene. In a landmark science experiment he aims to understand what impact this gene may have on body fat, and whether there may be any regional differences in who carries the gene. Viewers also meet Britain’s tallest man, Neil Fingleton, and many other amazing Brits; and, while inside The Great British Body booth, people share their most intimate body stories and reveal the bits they love and hate.