Trinny and Susannah’s Downunder Makeover Mission

7:30pm Friday, July 15 on TV One

From unmotivated mums to fashion virgins, designer disasters and heavy hang-ups, this is back-to-basics for straight-talking style gurus Trinny and Susannah, and they’re in Australia doing what they do best – turning the style challenged into the stylish with dramatic transformations.

Tonight, Trinny and Susannah are in Melbourne, where they scour the city to see if its reputation as Australia’s fashion hotspot is spot on. By train, tram or platform heel, they stop at nothing to find fashion failures and uncover Melbourne’s shameful style sins.

They find that ‘Melbourne black’ is out in force and isn’t necessarily a passport to chic. And like the other Aussie cities they’ve visited, when women feel down their style suffers along with their self-esteem.

Joining their mission is a ‘rock chick’ mum petrified of losing her identity, a country girl who looks like a female version of Crocodile Dundee, a breast cancer survivor looking for a fresh start, a grandmother who hasn’t worn a dress in almost 40-years, and a landscape gardener whose fluro-yellow uniform makes her a beacon for bad taste.