True Blood

9:30pm Monday, September 5 on Prime



As Bill and Marnie brace for a dangerous midnight face-off, Sookie and Eric pledge their allegiance to the King. Jason is torn between friendship and passion, and Jessica is spurned from two homes. Also in tonight’s episode; Lafayette becomes the pawn of a tormented spirit, Tommy takes a walk in someone else’s shoes, and Sam contends with yet another adversary in Marcus, Luna’s ex and the leader of Alcide’s new pack.

Sons of Anarchy fourth season trailer

A full trailer for the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy has been released ahead of its early September return in the US.

White lands House role

Former child actor Jaleel White, who is most famous for playing Steve Urkel in ‘90s sitcom Family Matters, has signed up for a role in the eighth season of House. 

Mad Love actress to appear in Two and a Half Men

Mad Love actress Judy Greer has signed on to appear in Two and a Half Men as the estranged wife of Ashton Kutcher’s new character Walden Schmidt.

Tuck to guest in Castle

True Blood actress Jessica Tuck will make an appearance in Castle, playing a rich museum benefactor. Tuck plays Nan Flanagan in True Blood.

9:30pm Monday, August 29 on Prime


Cold Grey Light of Dawn

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Also in Bon Temps; Eric embraces his amnesia, Luna discovers Sam’s not the man she thought he was, Lafayette expands his consciousness, Pam gets a body peel, Andy’s date with Holly doesn’t go as planned, Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt, and Alcide and Debbie join a new pack.

9:30pm Monday, August 22 on Prime


I Wish I Was the Moon

An outraged Bill interrupts a passionate moment between Sookie and Eric. As the vampires begin to fight, Sookie tells Eric that Bill is his King, and he instantly submits to his authority. Terry and Arlene’s house catches fire under suspicious circumstances and they desperately search for Mikey, but despite Arlene’s worst fears, Mikey is already outside. Jason’s afraid of shifting into a werepanther under the full moon, so when he runs off into the woods, Sookie searches for him. Meanwhile, Jessica senses Jason’s fear and finds him to calm him down. Marnie connects with the spirits of the past and one of Bill’s sheriff’s recognises the witch that inhabits her. Tommy trades places with Sam and gets rather comfortable in his older brother’s skin. Also in tonight’s episode, Debbie urges Alcide to join a new werewolf community, and Lafayette feels the spirit in Mexico.

9:30pm Monday, August 15 on Prime


Me and The Devil

Tonight in Bon Temps, Sookie continues to nurture Eric, however a psychic reading from Marnie suggests she should be careful with the confused vampire. Jason begins to have erotic dreams about Jessica, but they cause him puzzlement and frustration. Bill gets involved personally in the necromancy crisis after Pam, with her face half rotted, approaches him and demands that he takes care of the witches. Bill soon convenes a meeting of the sheriffs in his territory, but when he reiterates that no one is allowed to kill the witch, Pam reveals more information about Eric than she planned to. Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesus head to Mexico to harness a shaman’s power and Tara tells Sookie all about her relationship with Naomi. Also in tonight’s episode; Sam becomes Tommy’s accomplice after the reunion with Melinda and Jo Lee takes a turn for the worst, and Arlene and Terry look to religion to solve their problem, bringing in a preacher and his new wife to escort the demon out.

True Blood renewed for fifth season

True Blood has been officially renewed for a fifth season by HBO. “I am thrilled that ‘True Blood’ continues to enjoy a phenomenal reception from both subscribers and critics,” Michael Lombardo, HBO president, said.

MacFarlane to host Sheen Roast

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been confirmed as the host for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. It will be the third Roast gig for MacFarlane, who last hosted the Donald Trump special.

Bruckheimer developing drama series

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is developing a new drama series for CBS in the US that will focus on a mother who becomes a New York State Trooper. The drama is being written by former Heroes writer Aron Eli Coleite.

Bacon linked to comedy series

Kevin Bacon has been linked to a new comedy project called Valentine that centres on the life of a talk radio host. Bacon is already developing another comedy series with HBO.

Scrubs actress signs devlopment deal

Former Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke has signed a new development deal with 20th Century Fox Television. The contract means a new half-hour comedy project will be built around the actress.

9:30pm Monday, August 8 on Prime


I’m Alive and on Fire

In tonight’s episode, Eric comes after Sookie, craving more faerie blood. With dawn approaching, he was last seen scampering into the woods. Alcide shows up to help Sookie hunt for Eric, and the Nordic vampire is found swimming in the daylight in a nearby pond. Sookie wraps him up and takes him in, despite Alcide’s concern. Marnie has a vision of the Spanish inquisition, in which she sees a woman being burned alive for practicing witchcraft. The woman is the same fierce-looking spirit Marnie channelled to wipe away Eric’s memories, prompting Marnie to search for guidance to break the spell. Bill discovers a common bond with the Bellefleurs after he meets, and charms, Andy and Portia’s Grandmama. Also in tonight’s episode, Jason begs for liberation from Hotshot as the women continue to have their way with him, meanwhile Tommy returns to his roots, but his joyous reunion with his mother is short-lived.

9:30pm Monday, August 1 on Prime


If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?

Sookie takes pity on Eric and agrees to help him out with his amnesia, but not without ground rules. Sookie also reconnects with Alcide and travels to his house in Shreveport to ask for his assistance, but is surprised to find Debbie Pelt there – now one year sober. Bill punishes an errant vampire and counsels a distraught Jessica, who is wracked with guilt over feeding on someone else. Also on tonight’s thrilling episode, Jason is cast as a reluctant savior; Tommy eyes a scam and alienates Sam; Marnie flexes her newfound powers; Pam delivers an ultimatum to Lafayette, Tara and Jesus, and Eric spoils Sookie’s faerie reunion.

9:30pm Monday, July 18 on Prime


She’s Not There

Yes the wait is over! Prime welcomes the return of the deliciously deviant new season of True Blood. At the end of Season 3, the evil vampire king Russell Edgington found himself buried alive in a pit of concrete, ending his dream to rule the world. But what happened to Sookie, who disappeared into Faerie Land? Or Bill, who broke Sookie’s heart? Or Eric, who nearly joined Russell in limbo? Or Tara, who fled Bon Temps and its bad karma? The answers, and much more will be revealed in this new season. Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Eric Northman and their Bon Temps allies are back and there is plenty of trouble brewing! Sookie faces some new otherworldly threats – as if vampires, werewolves, werepanthers and shapeshifters weren’t enough! Monday nights are about to get your blood pumping!

Purple Wiggle hospitalised

The “Purple Wiggle”, AKA Jeff Fatt, has been hospitalised after requiring emergency heart surgery due to arrhythmia – an irregular heartbeat. Fatt blacked out while driving his car over the weekend and will miss the entertainment group’s US tour.

Hackers strike Fox News twitter feed

Fox News in the US have said hackers are to blame for the breach in their Twitter news feed that sent out a tweet claiming president Obama had been assassinated. One of the posts read: “BREAKING NEWS: President @BarackObama assassinated, 2 gunshot wounds have proved too much. It’s a sad 4th for #america. #obamadead RIP.”

Former True Blood cast member returning

A former True Blood cast member will return to the series at the beginning of a potential season five after last featuring in the third season. The show has just begun screening season four in the US.

Hawaii Five-0 adds cast member

Richard T Jones has signed on to play a recurring role in the second season of Hawaii Five-0. The former Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles actor will play the new Governor of Honolulu.