True Hollywood Story

E! – Sunday 7 September, 8.30pm

Joe Francis is a hero to horny guys everywhere, helping them to realise their wildest fantasies, or at least to watch them on DVD. The Girls Gone Wild videos of drunken party girls flashing their breasts and backsides have spawned a merchandising empire, but Francis’ unscrupulous business practices have resulted in countless legal woes – ranging from racketeering charges to accusations of rape. And, in a wild twist of fate, Francis was kidnapped and forced into sexually degrading positions – with the resulting videotape used in a blackmail attempt. Today, the girls and private jets are all gone as Francis runs his business from a jail cell in Reno, Nevada, while awaiting charges on tax evasion. THS goes behind the flashy party boy image to get the real story on this sordid saga.

E! – Saturday 30 August, 8.30pm

Move over, Mrs. Robinson. The new ‘lady predator’ is the bespectacled babe who teaches our kids math in the classroom and sex in the parking lot. These stories are about fantasy – young, virile men seducing older women and/or older women with the looks and power to seduce young men. THS Investigates the Complicated Affairs of Teachers who are Hot for Student.

E! – Saturday 16 August, 8.30pm

THS Investigates the extremes to which many people are willing to go to lose weight – trying everything from grapefruits-only to near- starvation and talks with nutritionists, trainers, FDA reps and doctors to get the inside scoop on everything from killer pills to deathly surgeries to food consumption that’s strictly for the birds.

E! – Sunday 20 July, 8.30pm

We take an in-depth look at the too-brief but unforgettable life and career of this talented and charismatic actor, from his first U.S appearance in ’10 Things I Hate About You’ to his genre-bending performance in this summer’s Batman movie. THS will also uncover the truth about Heath’s lifestyle and try to get the real (and developing) story about what caused his untimely death.

E! – Sunday 13 July, 8.30pm

She’s been described as a throwback – an old-fashioned, good-time Hollywood gal like Carol Lombard. She has also been described as a modern-day Eve Harrington, the backstabbing character in All About Eve who tramples over anyone who gets in the way of her success. Either way, the farmer’s daughter from South Africa has climbed to the top of the Hollywood A-list in a very short time. THS looks at Theron’s interesting career choices and puts together the puzzle pieces of her complicated personal history.

E! – Sunday 18 May, 8.30pm

The daughter of screen siren Jayne Mansfield and muscular sometime movie actor Mickey Hargitay, Mariska Hargitay worked in small roles in the 1980s and 90s. Her turn as the flighty single mother who falls for Anthony Edwards’ Dr Mark Greene on “ER” rejuvenated her career and led to her casting as a policewoman specializing in sex crimes on the NBC drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (1999- ). Her role as Detective Olivia Benson, veteran of the special victims unit, earned the actress her first Golden Globe Award in 2005. She’s currently the highest-paid actress in a prime time series.

E! – Sunday 11 May, 8.30pm

The news of Owen Wilson’s alleged suicide attempt shocked both movie fans and pop culture insiders. While Luke has recently kept a fairly low profile, Owen’s misadventure has refocused the media lens on Hollywood’s most successful brother act.

E! – Sunday 13 April, 8.30pm

The Texas-bred daughter of Scandinavian and Swiss parents, Renee Zellwegger catapulted to stardom as Tom Cruise’s love interest in Jerry Maguire and never looked back.
Her off-screen love life has garnered as much ink as her award-winning roles; she’s been linked to everyone from Jim Carrey to George Clooney, and most recently broke off a mysterious four month marriage to country crooner Kenny Chesney. Whether packing on the pounds with a sour pout for such career defining roles as Bridget Jones Diary or as the Academy Award winning wily drifter in Cold Mountain, this versatile actress now commands up to 15 million per picture.

E! – Sunday 6 April, 8.30pm

THS: The Kardashians will be an in-depth look at the wild and wooly lives of this crazy L.A. clan, letting TV audiences know what was up with this family before they became household names thanks to their hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 27-year-old Kim is the most high profile one, thanks to the public dissemination of the sex tape she made with ex-boyfriend and R&B singer Ray-J, but the K’s also include Kris Jenner, the mother with ambition to burn; Bruce Jenner, the ex-Olympic superstar turned goofy stepdad; step-brother Brody Jenner; and Kim’s wild and wilder sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Kim’s dad Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003, was a well-known attorney and O.J. Simpson’s best friend.

E! – Sunday 30 March, 8.30pm

Her voice is as dominant and soulful as Aretha Franklin, but she drinks, smokes and fights like Russell Crowe. At 5 foot 3 inches, covered in tattoos and sporting a massive beehive hairdo, British singer Amy Winehouse made her U.S. debut last spring with the platinum selling CD, Back To Black. But despite her musical popularity, Amy’s lifestyle could bring her career (and life) to a sudden halt – she’s got a history of binge drinking, self-mutilation, marathon drug taking sessions. The smoky-toned chanteuse who has repeatedly said “no, no, no” to Rehab may have finally realized she’s not invincible after collapsing from an overdose in August 2007. Her stomach contained what should have been a lethal combination of Ecstasy, cocaine, vodka and a horse tranquilizer. THS examines the self-destructive path of the popular singer who says she will “be dead within a year.”