TV 3

tvnz_logo2This afternoon TV3 is airing live coverage of the Budget but TV One is showing Cookery School with a ticker at the bottom giving updates.

Is this adequate coverage from our state broadcaster?

MEDIAWORKSMediaWorks TV has this afternoon announced the appointment of Mark Caulton as Director of Programming for TV3 and FOUR.

Mark’s 18-year television career includes 15 years in the programming department at MediaWorks TV, most recently as Associate Director of Programming. He has been acting Director of Programming, overseeing a successful 2013 launch, and the premiere of the biggest programme in the company’s history, The X Factor NZ.

Paul Maher, Chief Executive Officer – MediaWorks TV says: “I’m delighted to announce Mark’s appointment to this pivotal role. Mark has played a key part in the success of TV3 and FOUR for many years, bringing top-notch international and local content to our screens. Continue reading »

ComedyFestThe NZ International Comedy Festival has teamed up with TV3 for the TV3 People’s Choice Award which will allow Kiwis to vote for their favourite act at the festival.

The winning comedian will head to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as will one winning voter.

Vote here.


Both TV One and TV3 are sticking with breaking news coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon this morning.

Breakfast has scrapped its planned schedule with Rawdon Christie and Toni Street presenting coverage. Rawdon Christie has tweeted saying TV One will be staying with live coverage past 9am.

TV3 has rolling coverage hosted by Rachel Smalley, with pictures from the Fox News feed.

Amanda Gillies just tweeted confirming that TV3 will continue its coverage through until at least 9.30am. Continue reading »

As part of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori (Maori Language Week), TV3 and Maori Television will exchange weather presenters for the first time.

On Friday 27 July, viewers of TV3 News will be treated to Rahia Timutimu presenting a bilingual weather bulletin whilst Mike Hall will present the weather for Maori Television’s daily news programme, Te Kaea.

The two presenters will have the opportunity to rehearse their routines only twice before going live. Continue reading »

This is an ad campaign that Mediaworks TV are currently running.  While TVNZ are pimping their upcoming series of New Zealand’s Got Talent to advertisers, Mediaworks is trying to convince them that The X Factor is their ticket to better results.

While The X Factor may be a better format, as we’ve seen time and time again in New Zealand, having a great show doesn’t necessarily mean viewers will change the channel.

Mediaworks will tell us, and the advertisers, that they’re delivering more eyeballs in that coveted 25-54 demographic while the reality is that more Kiwis will watch a dressed up and dancing pooch on TV One.

While they may have the X Factor, after all these years, no one seems to have the talent to oust TV One and TV 2 as the preferred channels for viewing.

Last night, Mils Muliaina became the second All Black to play 100 tests.  1.8 million people tuned in to watch the All Blacks beat Argentina 33 to 10 in an exciting match but when it came to the presentation, none of the networks aired it, instead, running their own commentary, dissecting the game.

Outrage has erupted online with many fans angry and disappointed at the broadcasters disrespect to one of New Zealand rugby’s champions.  On the All Blacks official site, fans were fuming over the decision to ignore the presentation.  And, of course, a Facebook page has been started.

Sky Television has responded saying the broadcaster had other obligations which forced them to cut away from the speech.

Head of corporate communications, Kirsty Way, said:

”Unfortunately we had other filming obligations as part of our host broadcast obligations for post-match interviews,” she said this morning.

”We were not able to show Mils’ speech at that time. The post-match interviews were to take place at the same time and that’s what we were set up to do.”

Now that we’re at the knockout stages of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Sky Sport, One, 3 and Maori Television are all screening the games.  The only other time this tends to happen is party political broadcasts or some cunning commercial.

Given this is the case, it is interesting to flick between the channels to check what the quality is like.

We’re watching the games on a 103″ screen which really shows up the quality when it’s blown up this big.  We had been watching on Sky until we decided to have a flick between the channels only to find how poor the broadcast quality on Sky Sports HD is.  Considering subscribers pay a premium for Sky Sports and another premium for HD, it is somewhat surprising to find how inferior it is to both TV One and TV 3.  

Of TV One and TV 3, TV One’s picture quality is much sharper.  Unfortunately for Maori Television, they’re the only broadcaster who isn’t showing the games in HD.  

Based on what we’ve observed, we rank the picture quality in the following order:

1. TV One
2. TV 3
3. Sky Sport 1
4. Maori Television

What observations have you made about the broadcast quality? 

One News had an exclusive story tonight about a special deal that saw $43m loaned to TV3 owner Mediaworks. Sound familiar? That’s because it is.

One News ran the line again that Mediaworks had received a loan but as Steven Joyce clarified on the 9th of March, the $43m is a debt owed for broadcasting licenses. 

By using the term loan, it sounds as though Mediaworks have actually been given money. By all accounts, this is not the case, therefore making One News’ story misleading.