TV One Breakfast

Are TV3  in shell shock or denial?  Their web site still proudly claims Rachel Smalley as anchoring Firstline, even though she’s been warming a seat at Newstalk ZB for a while now.


Smalley’s departure has left TV3 in a bit of a pickle.

Never having had the audience figures, nor the respect that TVNZ’s Breakfast enjoys, at least Smalley had made serious inroads into the company’s breakfast TV ambitions.

Hard working, smart and ambitious, her departure is a huge loss to Mediaworks.

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Sight deviation from my normal Foodie TV raves but there has been something getting under my skin, other than this season’s Masterchef contestants getting mobiles and Masterclasses. TV One’s Breakfast is a regular feature in our home as we get ready for our days but now alongside Breakfast there is now another new little regularity that has slowly crept into our morning routine that can happen anytime between 6.30 and 8.30am. It is when either Jamie or I turn to the other and say ” Guess what Petra just said before?”, this is then shortly followed by some comment along the lines of “Why on earth is she there?”.

I know that most people must be sick of the “Bring back Paul and Pippa” band wagon and that that conversation has had more than it’s day, but man alive, I’ve had ENOUGH of Petra Bagust. I would say she is a terrible journalist but she is actually not a journalist. Maybe the early starts are a little to early for her, I don’t know. What I do know is that I would rather have a host who can get facts right, give hard hitting interviews and not behave like a flaky 13 year old girl.

Here is just a small example of some classic ‘Petra moments’

 On the election date being set: ‘November 29th, a very important date, everyone mark November 29th in your diaries…….oh wait,sorry, I meant to say November 26th’

After an interview on solar flares and how people needed be scared of them Petra finished ” Well there you go, I guess sometimes a little knowledge can actually be a good thing” ??????????

Upon seeing the news article about the volcano in Hawaii experiencing activity and spilling lava “Earthquakes, Volcanos, Solar flares, maybe there is something to this 2012 business”. Um, no, there isn’t, how about we can just report on events so much faster than we used to and we can record and measure more of the earth’s activity

And then this morning Rawdon and Corrin both were getting exasperating with the whole Charlie Sheen drinking on a roof article taking up valuable news time and Petra was all ‘No, no, no we want to hear about this’

Are they trying to dumb down the country over morning coffee? 

As TV One struggles to find a  host who looks and feels like a Breakfast host, to  replace the departed Paul Henry,  the assault on  Henry  by other media continues  almost two months  after his departure.


This week saw an opinion  piece published in the  New Zealand Herald that displayed all the traits of a street brawler kicking someone in the head.  It was written by a Brian Rudman, who, unlike Henry, can spend hours pondering every word he writes before it is published.

Henry was on-air  ad-libbing his way  through 12 and a  half hours a week with a brief to be “out there.”  He blundered big time, but the unforgiving  NZ Herald continues to put the boot in two months on, sinking to the lowest shot yet, comparing his post-event behaviour to that of a sex offender  “who shuffles off to prison insisting the child led him on.” 


 Mr Rudman writes “Every journalist, except, it seems Mr Henry, knows they have no open
licence to, among other things, defame, libel, yell fire in a crowded
theatre or make racist “jokes”.”

But apprently it’s OK for Mr Rudman  to so self-righteously compare  Paul Henry with a child sex offender?

Such P.C. prattle from  what was once a respectable newspaper suggests the  New Zealand Herald needs to take  a close look at what it is putting into the public domain, before condemning others.

Henry has paid the price  by losing his high-paying, high-profile job.  Enough !