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The good news is that local content was up slightly across the board in 2013 but this was only due to increases provided by Maori Television and Mediaworks’ TV3 and Four. TVNZ provided the largest decline in local content.

The annual NZ On Air Local Content Report released today reveals some challenges being faced by the television sector.

Since 1989 NZ On Air has measured local free-to-air television content. The report compares the schedules of the six national free-to-air channels, to observe trends and changes in the local content landscape. Continue reading »

lordeTVNZ has been unable to secure online streaming rights for the Grammys, so instead has decided to broadcast the Awards twice – live on TV2, then again in prime time on TV ONE as originally planned.

Head of Television, Jeff Latch, says the company’s first preference had been to stream the awards live on TVNZ Ondemand, which was the ideal platform for daytime live events. However the attempt to get the rights was not successful, which meant the full television broadcast of the show was originally scheduled in prime time on TV ONE so the maximum number of people would get to see it. Continue reading »

I’d been asking myself this question so figured I’d get the answer.

Ezra Vine – Celeste

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This is the first in a series of posts we’ll be publishing this week about channel share and how each of the main players have been performing for the last few years.

First up, TVNZ.

TV One
Of all the individual channels in New Zealand, TV One is by far the most watched.  On average, about a quarter of all television viewing across the day in New Zealand over the last four years has been on TV One.

TV-One-share-2013 Continue reading »

Following on from last weeks self inflicted embargo breach, TVNZ is continuing to fail to adhere to its own usage policy.  Squashing your logo horizontally isn’t allowed guys.  Tsk tsk…


So TV ONE has rebranded. I do hope it didn’t cost them more than $100 bucks as I could have pointed out to them how to un-italisise their font for free. Then again those within the Deathstar that control the chequebook would have had to have been listening! Continue reading »

tvnz_logo2TV One may look a little different come July.

The TVNZ channel is rebranding its logo next month with the new look being unveiled on Monday the 1st.

tvnz_logo2This afternoon TV3 is airing live coverage of the Budget but TV One is showing Cookery School with a ticker at the bottom giving updates.

Is this adequate coverage from our state broadcaster?

Both TV One and TV3 are sticking with breaking news coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon this morning.

Breakfast has scrapped its planned schedule with Rawdon Christie and Toni Street presenting coverage. Rawdon Christie has tweeted saying TV One will be staying with live coverage past 9am.

TV3 has rolling coverage hosted by Rachel Smalley, with pictures from the Fox News feed.

Amanda Gillies just tweeted confirming that TV3 will continue its coverage through until at least 9.30am. Continue reading »

Every year around this time the TV networks in New Zealand roll out their new season packages, giving us a glimpse as to what lies ahead for the following year.  Head of TV One and TV2, Jeff Latch described TVNZ’s 2013 new season as offering “a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before”. I beg to differ.

In the 50 plus years of television in New Zealand, does he honestly believe that statement?  There is no new hit like a Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives so I’m not sure what he’s referring to at all.

Latch also believes “the strong local programme line-up, the new and returning News and Current Affairs programming and the extensive showcase of outstanding international content means that TVNZ will continue to deliver the nation’s most watched content”.  But as we know, most watched does not equate to best. Continue reading »