TV Talk

TV Talk is our daily general discussion thread at Throng.

Readers are invited to share their own thoughts and observations on television in New Zealand as we attempt to crowd source all the details around what is happening in the industry and beyond.

This includes, but is not limited to, breaking news, bloopers from live TV and anything a television personality posts on social media that might be of interest to other readers.

To participate, just add your comments below. Alternatively, you can always use the Tip Line.

This week is flying by.  It’s Wednesday already!  You know the drill with these daily general discussion threads.  Whatever you wish to discuss about television, the floor is open.

Welcome to Tuesday and our daily general discussion thread for anything and everything you wish to discuss about Television.

Welcome to the start of a new week.  A week where typically the ratings start to get higher due to the end of daylight savings.  It won’t be long and we’ll be preparing to sit down for those hour long Shortland Street winter season episodes.

This is our daily general discussion thread about anything and everything to do with television.  Whatever you want to discuss, this is the place to do it.

Ahhh.. an extra hour to sleep in this morning. You have to love that single day of the year when an extra hour of sleep is possible. Or an extra hour to mourn another typically appalling loss by the Warriors.

Whatever else catches your eye from the world of television today, you can bring it up here.

The weekend has arrived, and with it, the very last day of daylight saving. Don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour tonight. It will be interesting to see the ratings for Sunday and whether the annual arrival of extended night translates immediately into better ratings for the networks.

Anything else you’d like to discuss today, here is the place to do it.

Where did this week go? Have you finished watching Short Poppies yet or are you saving it for the weekend?  Anything you’d like to discuss in todays general discussion thread can be done here.

You were all rather quiet yesterday.  Perhaps you were all in shock at Campbell Live’s ratings.  What ever you’d like to discuss today, here’s your daily general TV discussion thread.

Welcome to our daily general discussion thread.  As always, your word is what drives this so feel free to discuss whatever you want about TV.

A whole new month has arrived. Tonight we get to see Short Poppies on TVNZ Ondemand which will be entertaining. Anything else you want to discss about TV in New Zealand, this is the place to do it.