home-and-awayThe remaining weeks of Home and Away for 2014 will screen at 7pm from Friday, following Thursday’s hour-long Shortland Street finale.


With TVNZ’s news and entertainment line-up firing on all cylinders, half of those watching TV in July spent their nights locked on TV ONE or TV2 – the network’s strongest share result in three years.

TVNZ’s channels were in formidable form between 5:30 to 10:30pm, TV’s most popular and competitive time zone. The network’s combined share was 50.3% for AP5+ in July. In the key trading demos, the double act took a 48.2% cut of TV ONE’s 25-54 target audience and 47.5% in TV2’s 18-49 demo.

Share gives a clear insight into TV viewing preferences and it’s an important measure of success, says Jeff Latch, TVNZ’s Head of Content. Continue reading »

thevoicekidsIt’s official

Friday 25th July: Season premiere! They’ve seen the grown-ups do it, now it’s time for the kids to shine! Join Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden, Benji Madden and Mel B on the hunt for Australia’s youngest talent!

twoodle_bannerTV2 have launched a game this morning.

The game, named Twoodle, involves stopping tumbling TV2 logos falling to the bottom of the screen by bouncing, absorbing and shooting them into the air.

Have some fun at



The good news is that local content was up slightly across the board in 2013 but this was only due to increases provided by Maori Television and Mediaworks’ TV3 and Four. TVNZ provided the largest decline in local content.

The annual NZ On Air Local Content Report released today reveals some challenges being faced by the television sector.

Since 1989 NZ On Air has measured local free-to-air television content. The report compares the schedules of the six national free-to-air channels, to observe trends and changes in the local content landscape. Continue reading »


You’ve seen them on the box, I’m talking about the videos in the Show Me TV2 campaign.

The latest video features some of the cast from Home and Away with the iconic TV2 logo mould and each sentence starting with “Show Me”. I quite like the campaign myself.

Posted on Instagram this afternoon:

lordeTVNZ has been unable to secure online streaming rights for the Grammys, so instead has decided to broadcast the Awards twice – live on TV2, then again in prime time on TV ONE as originally planned.

Head of Television, Jeff Latch, says the company’s first preference had been to stream the awards live on TVNZ Ondemand, which was the ideal platform for daytime live events. However the attempt to get the rights was not successful, which meant the full television broadcast of the show was originally scheduled in prime time on TV ONE so the maximum number of people would get to see it. Continue reading »

TV2+1, a timeshift channel for TV2 one hour later, began broadcasting (kind of) at 7am this morning.

It didn’t get off without a hitch though, as the TV ONE PLUS 1 Moving To/TV2+1 Coming To picture screened for about 90 minutes, with only the Live audio being overlaid, while I was watching (or trying to watch) on SKY channel 502.

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