TV2+1, a timeshift channel for TV2 one hour later, began broadcasting (kind of) at 7am this morning.

It didn’t get off without a hitch though, as the TV ONE PLUS 1 Moving To/TV2+1 Coming To picture screened for about 90 minutes, with only the Live audio being overlaid, while I was watching (or trying to watch) on SKY channel 502.

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Here are all the details you need for the upcoming channel changes once TVNZ U goes off air and is replaced with TV2+1.

TV2+1 begins transmission at 7am on Sunday September 1.

Like all the other plus one channels, it’s the same content but an hour delayed.

From September 1 there’ll be changes to Electronic Programme Guide positions for some TVNZ channels, to make way for TV2 +1. Continue reading »