Close Of Business For Wilson & TVNZ. Expansion in the Finance News Market.

Veteran Business Broadcaster Michael Wilson finished his 10 year tenure on TVNZ’s ASB Business this morning. The final goodbye – rather unceremonious and with little fanfare.

The presenter took planned annual leave, but TVNZ representatives say it’s unclear if Wilson will return to the Finance desk for a last stint before he moves over to TV3.
Given TV3’s Sunrise begins in under two weeks, and the network’s formally acknowledged Wilson’s resignation, it’s and unlikely- if not awkward prospect.

In a bizarre sort of goodbye from breakfast co-hosts Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzel (bizarre being synonymous with Henry in recent times) the presenter signed off.
Perhaps the state broadcaster was seeking a quick and clean break, and most would argue they achieved it – although you couldn’t help but think a gift card and a few chockies wouldn’t have gone astray.

TVNZ spokesperson Rachel Lorimer says Wilson’s position will be advertised this Friday, but it’s been widely speculated that this is simply a formality and current Business Correspondent Owen Poland will be awarded the role.

Perhaps a fitting time for Poland to step into the role, Monday sees the introduction of ASB Business under the new banner “Breakfast business” (in other words- ASB Business without ASB’s business.) The program will screen at the slightly earlier timeslot of 6 A.M.

With just two weeks till TV3’s new entrant ‘Sunrise’ jumps into the fray it’s hard to imagine Wilson featuring in the shows debut, but this is Television and stranger things have happened.

When Wilson does jump into the TV3 Pool it’s likely to be in a luke warm reception. He won’t be presenting an entire program, rather news updates throughout the morning.

So, with both Channels offering an insight into the business days movers and shakers it seems only appropriate to ask ‘Who’s your money on?’

First a little background on the two contenders.


  • graduated from Canterbury university with a diploma in journalism in 1989.
  • has worked for TVNZ since 1989 as a news and current affairs reporter and presenter.
  • became the host of ASB Business upon the programs inception in 1997.
  • worked for worked for various media agencies including Radio New Zealand, National Business Review, Horizon Pacific Regional Television and Channel 10 in Australia.

  • Is instantly recognizable by most New Zealander’s as a seasoned broadcaster and all round nice guy. (Even if the only words they’ve ever heard him say were “Tomorrow on ASB Business”)


  • Has a degree in psychology from Waikato University and begun his broadcasting career 33 years ago as a radio journalist in Hamilton.
  • has been a business and economics reporter for the past 22 years.
  • Started his career at TV3 where he won the Qantas Prize for Best Television News Reporter / Business Editor.
  • Has a significantly lower profile and is seen as a more stern staple of New Zealand’s finance realm.

    In terms of formal education both hold similar qualifications. Each holds roughly twenty years of experience in New Zealand’s financial sector.

    So is it Wilson’s Winning Smile or Poland’s Stern Stammer that decides ‘Who your money’s on?’

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