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Sitting down to watch Short Poppies last night on TVNZ on demand, I noticed they’d added WORLD EXCLUSIVE to their promo on the homepage.  Had we not pushed this, I doubt they’d be enjoying the ability to say this.

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ondemandfirsts_logoTVNZ has launched a new ondemand service called Firsts.  It’s a step in the right direction, providing viewers with access to shows prior to them being broadcast in New Zealand.  The service provides shows categorised into either “Fast”, where shows are available for viewing 2 days after they’ve screened overseas or “First” where episodes are available for viewing prior to being scheduled for broadcast.

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TVNZ_buildingFrom a TVNZ press release:

TVNZ focuses on digital growth with senior Ondemand hire

Senior telco figure Jason Foden has been appointed TVNZ’s new GM of Ondemand, charged with leading the expansion of the video on demand service as it plans a range of new features and content in the months ahead.

Foden will lead the business growth and commercial performance of TVNZ’s key digital media entertainment assets – and TVNZ Ondemand. Continue reading »

tvnz-ondemand-logoI noticed this in the Sunday Star Times yesterday:

TVNZ’s new boss Kevin Kenrick, now 17 months into the job, says the state-owned broadcaster could begin charging for some programmes it produces. First to go behind a “pay wall” would likely be news updates delivered through its TVNZ Ondemand online platform.

You may recall that when TVNZ launched their ondemand service it came with a stupid credits system.  It failed.  Miserably.  And shortly thereafter it was canned and everything became free, with supported advertising.

This model has seen TVNZ Ondemand’s numbers swell with the state broadcaster regularly getting excited about how their service is performing.  However, putting a price tag on that will see the viewer numbers dwindle and I’d hazard a guess that the subscription revenue would be significantly less that what they’re earning through advertising at the moment.  Even if they forced advertising on their customers who are shelling out for their service, I am doubtful the numbers would make it more profitable than it currently is. Continue reading »

ShortlandStreet2012TVNZ has announced a significant rise in the number of video streams accessed by Kiwis through TVNZ Ondemand last month.

Shortland Street was the most popular show to watch Ondemand, with My Kitchen Rules and The Big Bang Theory following as the second and third most popular.

The explosive growth in Kiwi viewers’ demand for video content saw a record three million video streams for TVNZ Ondemand in March, signalling a “momentous shift in viewing behaviour,” says TVNZ.

TVNZ Ondemand video streams were up 34% for the first three months of 2013 compared to the same time last year. Continue reading »

ipad.140208-1I was wondering when this announcement would be coming this morning.  Someone’s ears must have been burning.  The next question is, how far away is something for Android?

TVNZ have told us that they’re currently working with Samsung and are hoping to have something available in the next couple of months.

Now Kiwis can watch their favourite TV shows on their terms as TVNZ announces a video on demand app for iPad and iPhone, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Whether it’s at the beach, on the bus, or the mall, the app is quick and easy to use and with a few clicks, New Zealanders can watch the hottest new shows of 2013 including Revenge, Shortland Street, Masterchef, Once Upon A Time and many more – whenever and wherever they are. Continue reading »

Over half a million people watched entertainment content from TVNZ Ondemand in May, leading to a record high of 2.5 million video streams. This is a massive 56 per cent increase in the number of streams from the same month last year.

High quality content aired on TV ONE and TV2 continues to drive this success with local favourite Shortland Street consistently appearing in the top ten streams for the platform. The 20th anniversary of the show in May boosted the number of video streams, along with TV2’s hit drama Revenge, popular comedy The Big Bang Theory, and leading local series MasterChef New Zealand. Continue reading »

I’m living in australia, and I want to watch some good kiwi tv. I go on tvnz on demand, click on the show I want to watch, it says only New Zealand viewers can watch it. That is absolutely rediculos! I’m a kiwi. Just because I’m in oz, dose not mean I can’t watch nz tv. TVNZ, you suck! That is sad. It’s the most bizarre thing I ever herd of. Have you herd of sharing?

TVNZ Ondemand now supports a newer, faster, higher-quality video stream that means watching your favourite programme on TVNZ Ondemand will look crisper and clearer.

TVNZ Ondemand now supports a 1500kbps stream, along with 700kbps and 300kbps options.  The release of the new update to our video player is part of TVNZ’s strategy of ‘inspiring New Zealanders on every screen’. 

“Our Digital Media Division is constantly working to provide the best possible online video experience we can, and as part of this we have introduced a higher-quality stream option for our viewers”, says TVNZ’s GM Digital Media, Tom Cotter.

“In the past we’ve kept to more modest streaming video bitrates to let as many people as possible watch and enjoy TVNZ Ondemand but as broadband penetration and data allowances have increased, along with the number of households that have access to high-speed internet in New Zealand, we want to give viewers the option of an improved viewing experience”.

Over the next few months TVNZ will be rolling out a number of enhancements to TVNZ Ondemand aimed at making it even easier to watch your favourite TVNZ programmes online whenever you want.

TVNZ Ondemand is unmetered on some New Zealand internet service providers (ISPs). Orcon and Snap customers can watch TVNZ Ondemand content without it eating into their monthly allowable bandwidth.