TVNZ Sport Extra

Has any heard that TVNZ is changing the structure and programing of TVNZ 6’s kidzone, family and showcase services? Ive heard something about Showcase will be available on weekends and kidzone will run from 6am to 6pm and Family; from 6pm to midnight on weekdays. (Correct me if Im wrong). Also ‘Talk Talk’, a former TVNZ 6 show on showcase, has moved to TVNZ 7’s NZ Views slots. These changes will be put into effect at the end of June 2009 (Just before the SKY launch).

And will TVNZ Sport Extra cease to exist? Well it has been confirmed that the occasional sports channel will remain on freeview hd (terrestrial) until the wimbeldon tennis tournaments at july, this year.

About Two new digital channels are soon to be available on Freeview. Although Freeview NZ has said that these channels are in the planning stages, only little information and detail have been given. (Possibly PRIME might be one of the channels about to launch on Freeview, along with the launch of TVNZ 6 and 7 on SKY).

When is Stratos going to be avaiable on Freeview hd?

…And whats up with the US spelling, TVNZ!??

Can anyone shed some light on the situation regarding TVNZ Sport Extra? Apparently it will stop appearing on Freeview Satellite, but what about terrestrial? What will they do with extra sports coverage they have in the future, and are they doing something else that will be taking Sport Extra’s place?

TVNZ are going to broadcast the first leg of the All Whites game against Fiji on 13 October live on TV ONE and, but the return leg on 17 October will only be broadcast live on before delayed coverage on TV ONE at 10.35pm. Why couldn’t they broadcast the game live on TVNZ Sports Extra as well? It’s schedule is bare enough as it is