America'sCupPeterWilliamsThe tip line has been running hot with suggestions that Peter Williams’ fake message of online abuse was part of an internal attempt to “undermine” Williams and “get rid of him”.

For many years, TVNZ tried in vain to move Mark Sainsbury on.  What finally accomplished that objective was Seven Sharp.  But are we seeing something similar for another veteran broadcaster who is clearly a viewers favourite?

Additionally, commenters have written:

I sniff a conspiracy … they want to get rid of these two, and this is the perfect way to do it. They tried to get rid of Peter once before, when he worked in sports, but he went to them with the suggestion he could read all the news bulletins he does now, which nobody wanted to do at the time, which they agreed to, so they kept him on.
It’s no coincidence that these two are slightly older. Continue reading »

TVNZ will be very happy with this result. A 47% increase in after tax net profit to $20.8m is certainly nothing to sneeze at however it may put the state owned broadcaster on the radar of the government as a potential asset sale, particularly in light of recent “newsroom issues”.

TVNZ has posted a net profit after tax of $20.8 million for the six months to 31 December, up 47% on the same period last year.

Excluding gains on the sale of property, the company has recorded a strong lift in operating earnings at the half year mark, up 40% to $30.1 million.

Announcing the company’s “encouraging” interim result today, Chief Executive Kevin Kenrick said: “The highlight of our half year result is the strong growth in operating earnings, fuelled by increased advertising revenue and a 10% reduction in non-programming costs.” Continue reading »

tvnz_logo2This time it’s TVNZ Chief Executive Kevin Kendrick’s turn to roll out the contrition with words like “genuine” and “integrity”.

TVNZ Chief Executive Kevin Kenrick has offered a personal statement answering concerns expressed today about the involvement of Peter Williams in reading an abusive message, apparently from a viewer,  which was in fact not genuine.

“I’ve had numerous questions today asking how a journalist and presenter of his seniority and standing could have done such a thing.  It is crucial to our integrity as a news organisation that we don’t allow people to think that Peter’s contribution to the news story was a deliberate falsification intended to deceive viewers. Continue reading »

First it was Shane Taurima’s conflict of interest and now it’s the made up cyber bullying.

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Shane Taurima scurried out the door after revelations he had bought a serious conflict of interest into the TVNZ newsroom.  Now we find two more TVNZ staff, one of whom has been a trustworthy figure in many homes delivering news most days of the week, have been making stuff up.

While TVNZ will spin this, and have, as a simple misunderstanding of what the piece was, this brings into question the integrity of the newsroom where at least one high profiled news reader has now been found to have made up statements for what was viewed as a serious and truthful news piece.

The question that now goes begging is “What else do TVNZ make up?” Continue reading »

With Revelations that TVNZ ‘s cyber bullying campaign included manufactured quotes, the state broadcaster has bought its credibility into disrepute again, a little over a week after one of their news room executives was caught out in a serious conflict of interest.

TVNZ made a statement after the Shane Taurima story broke saying

Given our position as New Zealand’s most watched news provider we hold ourselves to the highest standards of editorial independence and balance. Clearly a line has been crossed here – it’s unacceptable and we make no excuses for what’s happened.

Having stated their position on editorial independence and balance, I guess their next statement will be about accuracy. Continue reading »

The keyboard warriors are everywhere.

TVNZ_buildingPerhaps we should take bets on how long this will take.

TVNZ has announced that its review into the misuse of company resources and alleged political bias will get underway this week with the involvement of media law expert Steven Price and respected broadcasting figure Bill Francis.

Price is a barrister specialising in media law and lectures at Victoria University of Wellington’s law school. Francis is the Chief Executive of the Radio Broadcasters Association with more than 45 years broadcasting experience. Continue reading »

TVNZ_buildingWith all the hoopla around asset sales for the last few years, you would think that it would be a fairly high priority of the opposition to ensure they provided absolutely no reason or excuse for a state owned company to be sold.  Perhaps Shane Taurima didn’t get that memo.  Nonetheless, John Banks has jumped on the opportunity to renew calls for TVNZ to be sold.

 Mr Banks says the State has no place in broadcasting.  “If taxpayers didn’t own it, no one would care what Labour party meetings were held there.”

“This issue is not Mr Taurima’s politics. It is the fact that he and some of his staff wrongly used taxpayer’s property to further his political objectives” Continue reading »