A Gisborne TV thief was caught in strange circumstances this week after jumping into a river.

A 32-year-old woman was apprehended after she plunged into the Turanganui River in Gisborne with a 22-inch TV she has recently lifted from The Warehouse.

Pursued by store security staff, the woman jumped into the river and emerged on the other side minus the  TV. She was caught outside a Mobil station a short while later. Continue reading »

Samsung New Zealand is now making available smart TV’s that can be controlled by voice commands and hand gestures.

Available now is the ES8000 which comes complete with a camera mounted on top of the screen to allow viewers to control functions using hand gestures.

Viewers can gesture at the chosen app on the TV then ‘click’ it by making a closed fist.

Microphones are also installed next to the camera which respond to commands such as “channel up”. The remote control also features a microphone.

Samsung New Zealand’s TV and audio-visual manager, Glen Chean said the new range will “change the way people interact with their TVs”. Continue reading »



Sony has confirmed that some LCD TVs sold in New Zealand may contain faulty parts that have caused TVs overseas to emit smoke and partially melt.

About 1000 of the 40-inch Bravia LCD TVs have been sold in this country between mid-2007 and late 2008 and a small percentage of those may contain the parts that have caused the same TVs in Japan to overheat.

Owners of Sony TV’s with model numbers KLV40X300A, KLV40X350A and KLV40W300A could have them inspected repaired if necessary by Sony for free.

Sony said that if owners of the TVs experience any abnormality such as unusual smells, noises or smoking should turn the set off immediately and contact the Sony call centre.

Sony’s call centre number is 0800 766 969.

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