Two Peoples

A nationwide search has begun for three families who will travel back in time to 1850s New Zealand, for a ground-breaking new documentary series for Television New Zealand.

Two Māori families will live in a traditional Māori Pa and one Pakeha family will live nearby as a working class family might have done in the 1850s. This exciting project will take three modern-day families on the adventure of a lifetime, living in authentic conditions as they would have in 1850s New Zealand for nearly two months.

At the heart of the series will be each family member’s struggle to adapt to subsistence living in a hostile land, at a time in our history when survival was very difficult and where two very different peoples struggled to understand each other.

Co production partners, Eyeworks New Zealand and Black Inc Communications are seeking three families, a Pakeha family and two Maori families. All families must include a Mum, Dad and three or more children, and extended family members such as grandparents are also welcome. One Maori family needs to be fluent in te Reo Maori.

It doesn’t matter where you live in New Zealand, Eyeworks will help in relocating members of the chosen families and assist with the necessary arrangements with employers and schools. No special skills are required.

For more information and to apply to be on the show visit