Vicar Of Dibley

UKTV – Sunday 31 May & 7 June, 6.30pm

Dawn French dons her cassock and dog-collar once more as Geraldine Granger bids a fond farewell to her viewing fans after 12 years as everyone’s favourite village vicar. Her usual quirky congregation, plus three very special guest stars, join her in these final episodes, which won the Festival Rose d’or for Comedy.

The Handsome Stranger The chocoholic vicar decides to bring some culture to England’s most eccentric parish by forming a book club – the only downside being that it involves the likes of foul-mouthed, but lovable Owen Newitt actually reading a book. Somewhat surprisingly, the vicar’s none-too-bright best friend, the wonderfully dippy Alice, has managed to decipher the clues in The Da Vinci Code and has come to the conclusion that she is, in fact, the last living descendant of Jesus Christ. Geraldine, in the meantime, is quite frankly fed up with ‘townies’ descending upon Dibley and buying weekend cottages – that is, until she meets one particularly charming newcomer… After presiding over her 100th marriage and despairing of ever finding love, romance is in the air and it looks as though the handsome accountant Harry Kennedy could finally be the one to whisk the vicar down the aisle. But, as always, the festive season in Dibley does not run smoothly and Geraldine almost ruins things by mistaking Harry’s glamorous blonde sister Rosie for a love rival.

The Vicar In White Could charming, handsome Harry be Mr Right? Or is he Mr How Wrong Can You Be? When Harry asked Geraldine to marry him she couldn’t say yes quickly enough. Naturally, things don’t quite go according to plan. The vicar presiding over the wedding ceremony seems a little too fond of Geraldine and the villagers seem determined to take over all the preparations for the big day. With Alice keen on a Dr Who theme for the nuptials, and the threat of the video being shot in the style of Saving Private Ryan, the festive season in Dibley is, as ever, a truly unique ecclesiastical experience – and a charming tale of love, confusion, unrequited love and utter chaos with a very happy ending indeed.

Starring: Dawn French (Jam& Jerusalem, French and Saunders, The Chronicles of Narnia) Gary Waldhorn (Longitude, Lovejoy); Emma Chambers (Notting Hill, How Do You Want Me?) and James Fleet (A Cock and Bull Story, Four Weddings and a Funeral).