Virgin Cooks

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 13 January, 7.30pm

Many kitchens are more disaster zone than fresh zone – some appear clueless when it comes to cookery. Instead of sitting down to a freshly-cooked meal around the dining table many are now more likely to sit down to takeaways in front of the TV. At just 26, Gordon Jones is head chef at one of the Britain’s leading five star hotels, the Royal Crescent in Bath. Gordon wants to get households cooking tasty, healthy and fresh meals, eating together again and saving them a fortune in the process! In each episode, Gordon picks two virgin cooks and places them in a seven-day head-to-head cookery competition which starts with him slashing their food budget. By the end of the week the person who has made the most progress wins the ultimate prize – the chance to cook a three-course menu of their own design, for up to thirty friends and family!