Vodafone Select

Among the many things that bother me about New Zealand one of the biggest peeves has to be the number of foreigners who seem to pick up broadcasting jobs here. Is New Zealand so short on talent that we have to take UK imports in order to fill the hosting roles on TV and Radio?

Tuning into C4 to see Joel Defries hosting Select used to make me wonder why we were trying to make our local music programme look – and sound – like MTV UK. Is New Zealand so insecure with its own identity that our shows are only cooler if we have someone with a an accent fronting it?

It’s not that Defries was a bad host that does my head in but rather that he took the job of one of the countless debt ridden students from broadcasting school. Thankfully though, Defries has managed to land a job in his home country as a host on the ever popular Blue Peter.

And I wonder how much of an influence the line in his CV that said he was a 2007 finalist in the Air NZ Screen Awards helped? Obviously he was good enough to justify the nomination, and heaven forbid he be replaced by someone far less worthy of the role, but wouldn’t you rather that had been a Kiwi?

I hope Defries does well in the role he has earnt. More importantly, I hope Noelle McCarthy has a similar opportunity in the pipeline.