Walking With Dinosaurs

7:30pm Saturday, June 25 on Prime

Documentary Series

This final climatic episode begins in the warm world of the dinosaurs when there were no ice caps at the poles. Instead, 100 million years ago, the Antarctic was covered in trees. But life in these forests was tough. For half the year they basked in 24-hour sunshine, and for other half in a freezing twilight. This programme uses computer animation to recreate the lost world of the dinosaurs and follows a group of delicate plant-eating dinosaurs called Leaellynasaura. They struggle to survive these seasons of extremes, and try to stay one step ahead of the polar predators. Then we fast forward to 65 million years ago, when the Cretaceous period drawing to a close. The world is being poisoned by massive volcanic activity.

Among the baking fields of ash the mighty predator Tyrannosaurus battles to rear her young. But her efforts are doomed to failure, for high above there is a giant comet on a collision course with our planet. It is destined to mark the end of the age of the dinosaurs and to transform life on earth forever.

7:35pm Saturday, June 18 on Prime

Documentary Series

It’s 149 million years ago, Oxfordshire is under water, with just a few scattered islands poking up through the azure sea. This is an ocean world, ruled, not by dinosaurs, but by an entirely different type of creature, every bit as awesome and successful: they are the marine reptiles. Tonight’s episode begins by telling the story of a violent struggle for life or death that occurs every year in this group of islands. It begins with the arrival of the hundreds of pregnant Ophthalmosaurus, who come from the deeper oceans to give birth. But they in turn attract predators, like Liopleurodon – at 25 meters long it is the biggest carnivore that ever lived.

Later we look at what dominated the skies 127 million years ago when there were huge flying reptiles, some as large as small aeroplanes, and follow an extraordinary journey undertaken by one of the majestic pterosaurs. This creature flies for thousands of miles, over continents and oceans, with a myriad of dinosaurs beneath him, to reach his breeding site. But for this ageing giant of the sky, the journey turns out to be his last.

7:30pm Saturday, June 11 on Prime

Documentary Series

Join us on a journey, where dinosaurs come to life. Our story begins 220 million years BC when different types of ancient reptiles rule a land dominated by deserts and struggle to survive one of its merciless dry seasons. But one group of reptiles are about to take over the world: the first dinosaurs. 152 million years ago there were no birds, no flowers and no grass. Fern prairies and conifer forests spread across the Earth, and this was the era of the largest animals that ever walked the earth – the mighty, long-necked sauropods. We tell the story of the life of one of these giants from her hatching from an egg and surviving to adulthood when she finally joins a herd of 30-tonne creatures, whose footsteps shook the ground, and whose contact grazing shaped the Jurassic landscape.