The award winning WA$TED! team attempts to encourage two sporting brothers to keep the planet as healthy as they keep their bodies in WA$TED!, screening Tuesday, March 11th at 8pm on 3.

The Reed brothers may be keeping their bodies toned; however the planet and their pockets are suffering from their bottled water addiction and single serve lifestyle.

Although the idea of bottled water causing serious financial strain may seem hard to believe, on average New Zealanders spend over $20 million every year on bottled water. This statistic seems even more unbelievable when considering that our tap water is fresh and germ free.

Bottled water is up to 1,000 times more expensive than water from the tap and is often even more expensive than petrol, but not only is it costing the brothers serious cash, the plastic it comes in is costing the planet.

Disposable water bottles use energy and resources to make the plastic, and most ironic of all they use a lot of water. For every litre of water a person drinks from a water bottle there are five litres of water wasted in the production process of making the bottle.

Water is not the only precious resource that is being wasted – crude oil is also used to make the bottles. Every year, the global bottled water industry uses 42 million barrels of oil in the production of water bottles – that’s enough to meet New Zealand’s total oil needs for nine months!

The Reed brothers themselves are very much guilty of adding to this growing problem, over the last ten years these sporting brothers have drunk their way through over 5,000 bottles of water, which are thrown away after only one use.

This water bottle addiction is costing them over $780 every year, not to mention another $1500 in single serve muesli bars and energy shots to keep them going during their workouts.

On top of all the wasted money and natural resources the brothers – who spend hours each day training on their bikes – still use the car to drive the short distance to work; and spend over $280 every year running their clothes dryer.

Now it’s time for the WA$TED! team to step in and get the brothers on the green track. These fitness fanatics will be supplied with a water filter and reusable drink bottles, shown how to make their own muesli bars, and challenged to cycle to work instead of drive.

But will the Reed brothers manage to maintain their new clean and green lifestyle? Make sure to find out when this highly educational episode of the award winning WA$TED! screens Tuesday, March 11th at 8pm on 3.

Tuesday, March 11th at 8pm on TV3

Living rurally the Cleaves family dispose off all their rubbish, even old TVs and lawnmowers, into a hole in the ground (dump hole), on the local hit series WA$TED!, screening Tuesday, March 4th at 8pm on 3.
About dump holes:

80% of New Zealanders have access to kerbside recycling which means the other 20% have to dispose of recyclables in other ways. Farming folk have been using “dump holes” or “farm landfills” for generations and often throw all their rubbish in there, including the stuff that could have been recycled.

Not only is this a waste of materials that could be made into new products, but unlike managed landfills which are lined with concrete or clay, dump holes don’t stop toxic chemicals from leaching out, polluting soil and waterways.

Now eco experts, Francesca Price and Tristan Glendinning will dig up a South Island families dump hole to make them face up to the concoction of chemicals they’ve been pouring into the land.

Murray, Nicky and children – 16-year-old Jessie, 15-year-old Jordan and 12-year-old Louis are all guilty of poisoning the very land they love.

On top of the food and trash the Cleaves family throw away into the hole, they burn through power, gas and trailer loads of firewood to stop from freezing in winter.

Now Francesca and Tristan will start of with a few eco-fixes for the Cleaves family by introducing a furry friend to help with their food waste, and sort out their winter woes with installations to warm their water for free and keep the warmth in.

But will this prove enough for the Cleaves to break their traditions and begin living a clean green lifestyle? Find out when the WA$TED! team return to the Cleaves home three weeks after their initial visit, WA$TED!, screening Tuesday, March 4th at 8pm on 3.

Tuesday, March 4th at 8pm on TV3

Join presenters Francesca Price and Tristan Glendinning as they visit another 10 households to reveal their horrific impact on the planet and work to help transform them into clean green havens, saving them a load of cash in the process.

Premieres Tuesday 5th Feb at 8pm on TV3.

The award winning WA$TED! team is back with another series proving you don’t have to be extreme to be green in WA$TED! premiering Tuesday, February 5th at 8pm on 3.

This season will see eco experts, Francesca Price and Tristan pushing out ideals to get people thinking and giving viewers something to aspire too.
“This series we explore issues like the carbon footprint of red meat, the toxic legacy of plastic toys and even the amount of toilet paper we use! All of this can save money too, in fact the families this year have almost all saved more cash than last year,” Francesca explains.

Francesca and Tristan will visit another 10 households – revealing their horrific impact on the planet and transforming them into clean green havens, saving them a load of cash in the process.

Where many Kiwis now have their recycling and standby power under control, most don’t know that’s just the beginning of the waste in their lives.
The 10 unsuspecting families will be confronted with all sorts of unusual waste – from an enormous pile of dog poo, to a truckload of toxic toys, and even a herd of belching cattle.

The team will also provide practical advice on how to stay safe from the hundreds of toxic chemicals found in and around the home.

Each household will be put on a green regime and promised a cash prize with a twist if they can reduce both their carbon emissions and household footprint.

Tuesday, February 5th 8pm

TV3’s WA$TED! has been recognized internationally at the world’s most prestigious television market in Cannes, winning the Best Observational Format. The awards are judged through industry vote by television executives and commissioners around the world.

The 10 part series, which broadcast earlier in the year, focuses on changes households can make to reduce their impact on the planet and their wallets. A second series is currently in production for 2008.

WA$TED! is an exceptionally well-conceived entertainment format on a subject that is timely and global – Stephanie Hartog, All3Media International (distributor)

Producer Carthew Neal is proud this international recognition shows New Zealand is not only producing world class television but also renewing its reputation as a clean green nation.

“Its fantastic that environmental messages are creating such waves in mainstream television – the shows goal is to help us understand that we can have fun while doing our bit for the planet.” – Carthew Neal, Producer of WA$TED!

The NZ version of WA$TED! is being broadcast in Canada and Finland and local versions are being made in Spain, Denmark and the USA. The Spanish version Qué Desperdicio! has already begun airing and outdid its expected ratings in the time slot.

In NZ WA$TED! has also proved its environmental credentials winning the Ministry for the Environment’s Green Ribbon Award and is nominated for the yet to be announced, Energywise Awards, Sustainable Business Awards and Qantas TV Awards.

The accompanying book is in stores now, which is full of ways to reduce your household bills and save our planet. The DVD of the series is being used as an educational resource by over 250 schools around the country.

If you and your family would like to be on the show, not only will you be doing your bit for the planet but you’ll also save cold hard cash!

To apply either contact Rachel at the production office on (09) 377 6267 or download the application form at the following websites: wastedtv.co.nz or tv3.co.nz/Programmes/Wasted

WASTED! is a primetime half-hour factual entertainment series that proves you don’t have to be extreme to be green. From worm farms to rainwater butts and solar power to heat pumps, we take your average household of eco horrors and turn it into a clean green haven, saving our families serious cash in the process.

Every week we take a different family, audit their waste and energy usage with our unique eco calculator and confront them with the terrifying truth about their long-term impact on the planet.

Our eco-expert will put them on a green regime to clean up their act. After tracking the family we re-calculate their household footprint and hand over their cash savings.

WASTED! is an information-rich series that transforms your average eco crim into your ultimate green convert.

Waging War on Waste

  • The western world throws out a quarter of all food produced.
  • 8 million disposable nappies are thrown out in the UK every day.
  • At current rates, the world will need 60% more electricity by 2030.

Meet New Zealand’s own Sex And The City girls
Tuesday, April 17th at 8pm

The WA$TED! team confront New Zealand’s own Sex And the City girls, who have the ultimate throwaway lifestyle consuming takeaways, cosmetics, power and water like they’re going out of fashion, screening Tuesday, April 17th at 8pm.

Material girls Patrina, Marika and Kirsty are blissfully unaware they are fast destroying their very own material world.

They love nothing more than shopping and caking on cosmetics before going out, but at what cost to themselves and the environment?

Not only do they turf out tonnes of takeaway trash and cosmetics packaging, but they are also living in a luxury, yet energy-zapping home which is costing them $700 a month in power alone.

Eco-expert Francesca Price and bio builder Tristan Glendinning have the hard task of reducing their power bill and showing them that their daily cosmetics include the same ingredient found in embalming fluid – something that could be affecting them and the environment.

Francesca shows the girls the real cost of beauty, encouraging them to cut back on make-up, how to save $400 a year on power with the flick of a switch, and a way to stop the 70 litres of water coming from the party palace’s garage!

Will the WA$TED! team’s advice and the incentive of some spare cash be enough to turn these footloose girls really clean and green? Find out on this week’s WA$TED! screening Tuesday, April 17th at 8pm.

For more information visit tv3.co.nz/wasted

The farming tradition of burning waste has to stop!
Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm

The WA$TED! team takes on four generations of farming traditions to make this dairy farm and its occupants more environmentally friendly, on this week’s WA$TED! screening Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm.

For newly-wed dairy farmers Ritchie and Abbie and their kids, burning their rubbish has been the way of life on this farm for 80 years – little do they know that it’s polluting the very land they live off.

By burning their waste, Ritchie and Abbie are sending dangerous dioxins into air which is returning to their land and poisoning the soil they rely on for their livelihood.

Lucky the members of the WA$TED! team aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and help this farming family save a bucket full of cash through recycling, growing vegetables, composting and cutting back on power usage.

Eco-expert Francesca Price and bio builder Tristan Glendinning don gumboots to show this family how to preserve their land and lifestyle by replacing the burning pit with a bin system, installing a heat transfer system and finding solutions to their two energy-sapping fridges.

The land around the house is made productive with a veggie patch, food scraps are turned into valuable fertilizer and the kids get some chooks that will produce $700 worth of groceries in a year.

Further a field, the two kilometre stream that runs through the property is planted with natives to restore the natural eco system and reduce nutrients flowing off the fields.

Will this boost be enough to reduce their household footprint and save them some cold, hard cash? Find out on this week’s WA$TED! screening Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm.

For more information visit

Barry Crump’s son gets an eco-shake-up!
Tuesday, April 3rd at 8pm

Barry Crump’s son, Martin, and his family are in the environmental hot spot this week, exposed for not being at one with nature, on WA$TED!, screening Tuesday, April 3rd at 8pm.

The Crumps are illegally dumping rubbish, heating up the planet by buying food shipped from across the globe, and spending over $7,000 in power and gas bills every year.

Being the son of legendary bushman Barry Crump should have made Martin at one with
the land. But city life has taken its toll for him and his wife Jill, and their five children.

They have so much rubbish each week they’re illegally dumping it in a fake council bin, painted up to look like the real thing.

Buying $2,500 of produce every month, half of which is brought in from overseas, eco-expert Francesca Price and bio builder Tristan Glendinning must educate them on the concept of “food miles” (the distance food travels from the field to the plate), and show how this is using up the planet’s valuable fuel resources and melting polar icecaps.

Inside their home, Francesca finds their un-insulated house is costing them $7,000 in power and gas, so insulation and a more effective wood pellet fire are installed.

A Bokashi fermenting system is used to get rid of their 40 kilograms of food scrapes every month, and Francesca finds a simple way to avoid Jill having to waste time, water and electricity on the 21 loads of washing she’s doing every week.

But will these new systems be enough to motivate the Crumps to buy more New
Zealand produce or will they lose the plot trying to bury their eco problems?

Find out if these city slickers can get back to grass roots and save money, and the environment on this week’s WA$TED!, screening Tuesday, April 3rd at 8pm.

For more information visit tv3.co.nz/wasted

It’s time for WASTE 101 in studentville
Tuesday, March 27th at 8pm

It’s back to school this week, as the WA$TED! team greens up a group of six university students who are creating almost a tonne of rubbish every six months, screening Tuesday, March 27th at 8pm.

It’s not the mess these six university students are creating that’s worrying the WA$TED! team – it’s their rubbish, of which 90% of can avoid hitting the landfill!

They are happy to leave their annual two tonne rubbish legacy (that’s harbouring dead mice and maggots) for their children, believing in 50 years time it’s “not our

Their overall household footprint is the size of the six rugby fields! Eco-expert Francesca Price and bio builder Tristan Glendinning come to the rescue with a well overdue lesson that will save students from their future; it’s time for WASTE 101 in studentville.

With the incentive of a cash prize and a new dryer for the housemate who makes the biggest effort, these six friends quickly see a new benefit in taking an eco-friendly attitude.

Learning how to reduce their party rubbish, save money on their water heating, turn off appliances at the wall and buy in bulk, gives the students the knowledge they need to make a difference.

With the incentive of a cash prize and an energy efficient dryer, Francesca Price and Tristan Glendinning must get this country’s future minds to change their tune on this week’s episode of 3’s local series WA$TED! Screening Tuesday, March 27th at 8pm.